Watchscapes: Armin Strom Enamel dial series

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We covered the Armin Strom Resonance series in great detail before, and touched on the grand feu enamel series in our Live from SIHH coverage. In this article, we focus on the high resolution pictures of the enamel series.

The Pure Resonance series is covered in detailed in our technical and analytical reviews. Here are the Essential Reading material:

Armin Strom Pure Resonance.

Armin Strom Mirrored Forced Resonance Technical Analysis. This is a detailed technical analysis of the Mirrored Forced Resonance principle and the original watch introduced by Armin Strom. Recommended for reading to understand how it works.

Armin Strom Mirrored Forced Resonance Hands-on Review.

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Armin Strom Pure Resonance Grand Feu

The Pure line is a simplified series, which deletes one of the dual seconds hand and in its place presents the bridge like a medallion. In this offering, instead of the regular Côtes de Genève applied to the bridges which are exposed on the dial side, it features the bridges with a hand engraved script pattern. As a nod to the origins of the Armin Strom brand, as Mr. Strom is a famed engraver. The same engraved motif is also applied to the bridge below the single subsidiary seconds sub-dial.

And continuing on the Pure theme, the main hour/minute dial and subsidiary seconds dial is in grand feu enamel. Simple, and, well…pure.

The movement remains the same caliber ARF16 with two complete movement trains, coupled at the escapement with a clutch system to force them to beat in unison. In this model, it too features the same hand engraved pattern as the front facing bridges.

The piece photographed is a piece unique offered at CHF 59,000 inclusive of tax, and was available for sale when we handled it at SIHH 2019.

Armin Strom Mirrored Forced Resonance Panda

This is the extension to the original Mirrored Forced Resonance, which was the first watch by Armin Strom with this special double train system. And as an addition to the dials available via The Configurator which offer Kari Voutilainen guilloche dials as an option, it now features a hand painted enamel dial with a Panda motif.

Admittedly the panda does look a bit like a fierce bear head.

The Mirrored Forced Resonance model is the original one proposed by Armin Strom, and features the highly technical looking double balances. The entire double escapement is visible. Including the clutch spring device which forces the resonance between the two wheel trains. The watch also the owner the ability to see the synchronization via the dual subsidiary seconds hand. This model is offered at CHF 80,000 inclusive of taxes.


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