Review: Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand 200m Promaster 30th Anniversary

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It seems that every brand has their watch collections line up to the broad Land, Sea and Sky theme. Citizen seems to be no different. Their Promaster line of professional watches also feature a product in each of the Land, Marine and Sky categories. The interesting thing is that they have these lines since their Promaster was launched in 1989, and celebrates the 30th Anniversary of this line with three interesting, and perhaps rather unique watches. Here we focus on the Marine – the Eco-Drive Aqualand 200m Promaster.

The line comprise of a Satellite Wave GPS model for the Land, a Altichron which measures altitude for the Sky and the Aqualand (subject of this hands-on) for the Marine. Each in the lineup has a new watch to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Promaster series. Here we discuss the Aqualand in detail.

Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand 200m Promaster 30th Anniversary

The case, dial and hands

The case is a massive 46.1 mm diameter by 16.4 mm thick. This is a common theme running through all three of the 30th Anniversary Promasters. The case is in stainless steel, and massive. Selected accents in gold is used as a visual tool to create depth. These accents elevate the visual attractiveness and is used in the bezel, the crowns, the indices, hands and date frame. The gold elements on the bezel is made with hardened with Duratech Pink Gold, with the pushers in pink gold plating. The crown, screw down device for the pushers and the pressure sensor are in DLC.

As a dive watch, legibility is of prime importance, and the Aqualand exhibits this trait with excellence. The dial layout is clean and clear as it can perhaps be with the numerous functions of the watch. The bezel is marked with the typical uni-directional ratchet for dive watches on the top surface. The rehaut is marked with depth indicators from 0 to 70m. The scale pitch of depth indicator is non-linear. The markings from 0m to 40m is stretched from 3 o’clock to 11 o’clock to give better granularity. This is in line with typical recreational diving depths which are to 30m and 40m by training agencies like PADI and the like.

A power reserve indicator occupies a fan shaped sub-dial inner to the 9 position, interestingly marked “Ready” for full, and “Empty”. Having a power reserve indicator, as the watch is neither wound automatically, by hand or powered by a battery. The Aqualand is light powered, and this gauge is used to state of the watch. This is especially important in a dive watch, as obviously it is quite dangerous to rely on a watch which is low in power, which might stop mid-dive. A date window is at 3. Perhaps the date is superflous in a dive watch, but it serves to visually balance the power reserve indicator opposite to it.

The hands are large, and each of the 5 hands are clearly marked with different shapes, and uses different SuperLuminova colours for clear identification. The hour and minute hands are short but tipped with a long arrow head, which is filled with green SuperLuminova. The hour hand is additionally pierced to allow visibility of the dial below. The central seconds hand is long and sleek, and also tipped with green SuperLuminova. The depth indicator is coated in blue luminous material for better differentiation.

The yellow arrow points the the depth gauge hand. Note the rehaut is marked with depth readings, and is non-linear. The green arrow points to the maximum depth hand, and the curved green arrow points to the pressur sensor.

The depth gauge is in the form of a fat hand with a large arrow head, and a separate hand is used for the maximum depth in the dive. Both of these feature blue SuperLuminova.

The crown and pushers are massive, and feature screw down capability.

The movement and functions

The movement is an Eco-Drive Cal. J250, with a stated accuracy of ±15 seconds per month. The Eco-Drive is capable to run for 11 months on a full charge, which typically takes about 35 hours in sunlight.

The watch is compliant to ISO and JIS8 diving requirements to a depth rating of 200m.

The prototype case back we had our hands-on and photographed in Baselworld showed a blank plate for the back. The actual delivery watch will be stamped with 30th anniversary logo and serial number.

As mentioned, the main feature is a water depth gauge which is analog and mechanical. This gauge communicates to detect pressure from a crown like port at the 9 o’clock position on the case. Other features include a dive alarm which goes off if the watch detects that it is ascending to the surface at too fast a speed.

Concluding Thoughts

As a serious dive watch, the Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand Promaster is an exercise of how it is done. Attractive and yet practical, and intelligently designed to provide useful functions for a professional diver. While it is true that a professional or serious amateur diver will have a dive computer accompanying him/her during the dive, many still wear a diving watch.

We think The Aqualand is a rather attractive proposition. And not just pure functionality, but also quite a pretty face, albeit a large one more suited for casual outfits. Certainly a very wearable tool watch, par excellence.

Citizen Eco-Drive AQUALAND 200m PROMASTER 30th ANNIVERSARY Model BN2037-11E
Launch(Projected) 2019/6
Price(Projected) USD 775+TAX
Quantity 6,000 (worldwide)
Case/Band Stainless / Urethane
Crystal Crystal glass
Case Size 46.1 mm/ 16.4 mm (design specification only)
Specifications Cal. J250 / Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month / Eco-Drive running for 11 months on full charge / 200m water resistance



  1. I think the watch is pretty cool, except for the “ready” and “empty” script on the power reserve. It clutters up the dial for me and is kind of unnecessary assuming you can understand what the curve on the reserve meter means…