The Editorial Team

Peter Chong, Co-Founder, Editorial Director and Chief Photographer


Peter founded Deployant with 2 other close friends in 2014 and runs the site as Managing Director and Chief Photographer.  He is a veteran watch collector and have been an active commentator and participant in watch communities since the 1990.  He founded the Lange Forum on in 1997. He retired from an active commercial life in the aviation business in 2010 to write, photograph and publish the book “A. Lange & Söhne: The Pour le Mérite Collection”.  The large coffee table book was published in 2011, and he decided to stay out of active commercial life to contribute to building horological communities.  Peter is passionate about the finer things in life, and other than watches, enjoys photography, cycling, fine cuisine, bespoke tailoring and fine shoes.

Peter is based in Singapore.

Robin Lim, Writer & NUS Horology Club


Robin’s interest in watches was influenced by parents. When he was a kid, he would get to see his dad winding his watch from time to time, and that was the time he got curious about this particular device that tells time.  At 16, his interest in wristwatches proliferated when he received a Hamilton timepiece from his dad.  From then on, he started on this hobby without looking back.  Besides watches, Robin is also passionate about classic cars and the stock market.  While his interests does make him sound like an old chap, but trust us, he is still beaming with plentiful of youth! Robin is also currently the President of the NUS Horology Club, which is mentored by Deployant.

Robin is based in Singapore.

Chester Lau, Writer


Chester has always been captivated by watches since he was a child. But his introduction to the world of horology only truly began when he turned 17. He is very grateful for his horology journey thus far, and glad how open and friendly the local watch collecting community is. Apart from just being a collector, it is his desire to spread the love of watches among the young.  To achieve this, he founded the NUS Horology Club through Deployant’s mentorship, and seeks to make understanding about watches more accessible to his peers.  Apart from watches, he is also a lover of art, music and a good game of Chess.

Chester is currently based in the Seatle area in USA.

Dr. Frank Chuo, Writer

Frank’s interest in horology only began relatively recently. But what he lacks in number of years, he makes up for with an indomitable passion.  Frank is often found running his watch blog in Instragram (@PetiteSeconde), meeting other collectors, attending watch industry events, browsing in boutiques or writing about watches. His favourite brand is A. Lange & Söhne although he also enjoys offerings from Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Apart from being a watch enthusiast, Frank is also a huge foodie and a loyal Chelsea F.C. supporter and a certified science nerd, having recently completed his Ph.D. in pharmacology.

Frank is based in Miri, Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia.

Stanley Leung, Writer

Stanley’s love affair with watches begin when he was 13 when he was given a Tag Heuer Formula 1 from his mother. The desire and romance with watches multiplied as he grew older. Apart from watches, Stanley has deep passion for fast cars and wines. You might just find him at one of the many wine bars in Singapore talking about watches and cars while sipping on his wine with his mates.

Stanley works in the finance industry and is based in Singapore.

Sharon Tan, Regular Contributor and Chief Technical Elf

Sharon Tan is an engineer through and through, always fascinated by machinery and gadgets big and small. She was introduced to horology relatively recently, and was instantly captivated by the blend of art, science and engineering all encased in a disc. Her choice of watches ranges wildly from simple iconic pieces to watches with interesting movements or unique finishing. She also wants to bring more ladies into this male-dominated industry. Outside of her work and watches, you’re most likely to find her running.

Sharon is based in Singapore.

Peter Nievaart, Contributor

Peter bought his first mechanical watch in 2001 and quickly became fascinated by the preciseness, durability and design of mechanical watches. Functionality and simplicity as well as the harmony between the design of case, dial and movement is what he is looking for in a watch. Not surprisingly, given his background in business and organisational change, he is also interested in the people behind the watches, their craftsmanship and passion as well as industrial developments. Peter is writer, photographer, and consultant in brain-based leadership.

Peter is based in The Hague Area, Netherlands.

Dr. Frank Müller, Special Correspondent


Frank Müller is the founder and CEO of THE BRIDGE TO LUXURY – a consulting firm that as one of a few worldwide is exclusively dedicated to strategic and operational luxury management and its professional brand implementation.  Previously, he was heading reputable brands such as A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original and was a member of the extended group management board of the Swatch Group SA overlooking the corporation’s South-East-Asia business.  Frank studied business administration at the University of Mannheim and the ESCP Europe and received his doctorate from the University of St. Gallen.  He is married, has one daughter and lives in Dresden. Frank is a native German speaker, and speaks English and French.