Live from SIHH 2019: Armin Strom

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As we shared the press release of the Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance Sapphire. Here is the live photograph.

On wrist, it wears comfortably as it is wide. At 44mm x 59mm, and entirely constructed of sapphire, the three piece case allows light into the watch. And for a watch which is all about the movement, the sapphire case almost disappears visually and one feels like wearing just the movement. CHF 280,000 incl Swiss tax. Limited to 8 pieces.

The Mirrored Forced Resonance lone is also extended with two new references with grand feu enamel dial. The first is a wonderfully classical rendition.

The Pure Resonance Vintage with a white enamel dial with hand engraving. Unique piece at CHF 59,000 incl tax.

And a Mirrored Force Resonance Panda with hand painted enamel dial. CHF 80,000 incl tax.

Peter Chong

Live from Geneva.


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