Spot the Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo and his wrongly identified TAG Heuer in the media.

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This weeks Spot the Watch puts the spot light on news sources and how wrong information can be published online.  During the recent 2016 European Championships,  Real Madrid and Portugal star, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a photo of himself relaxing in between matches, with his TAG Heuer.  We know he is sponsored by TAG Heuer and we will only feature sponsored people on Spot the Watch if their watches are unique like Serena Williams custom Audemars Piguet or cause some controversy.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo is a mega star in the world of football,  his Instagram photo was promptly picked up by a couple of major English newspapers, with the headline:  Cristiano Ronaldo and his £4,000 TAG Heuer Carrera.  The comments section on one of the articles was full of comments like:  “Why spend that much, I have a perfectly good £25 timepiece”  There was some resistance from readers on the price of the watch.

There was a big misprint in the article and that was in relation to the price of the watch.  The watch on Ronaldo’s wrist wasn’t a normal Carrera Chronograph.  It was a Carrera Mikotourbillon S with a price tag of £175,000!

RTAG Full Size

Cristiano Ronaldo with his TAG Heuer Carrera MikotourbillonS

A quick bit of research on the World Wide Web, would have given the reporters the correct information and price of the watch.


TAG Heuer Carrera MikotourbillonS

The MikotourbillonS features two tourbillons,  one for the conventional regulation of the time and the other tourbillon regulates the chronograph escapement.  The escapement of the chronograph vibrates at  360,000 vibrations per hour (50hz) and the tourbillon rotates once every 5 seconds!

Definitely not your standard TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph.

That concludes this edition of Spot the Watch.






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    • Thanks Elizabeth 🙂 The news outlets got the pricing and the watch itself completely wrong considering it was stated by Cristiano in his Instagram post.