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Spot the Watch: Serena Williams and her unusual Audemars Piguet at Wimbledon

by Nick Gould on July 5, 2016

We have previously done a feature on tennis players that wear timepieces while playing.  Serena Williams was one of the players featured as she wears an Audemars Piguet  timepiece while on the court.  We noticed something strange about the AP on her wrist at this years Wimbledon 2016 Tournament.

A quick check of images from the 2016 French Open, confirmed that we were seeing a different AP timepiece on her wrist at Wimbledon.  She was wearing an 18k pink gold Royal Oak at Roland Garros.

US player Serena Williams

Serena Williams wearing a gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak at the 2016 French Open. Picture (C) AFP PHOTO

The watch on her wrist at Wimbledon 2016, looks like a normal Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Quartz in gold with a diamond bezel until you realize where the crown is positioned.  It is on left hand side of the case, making it a left handed model which should be worn on the right hand.  Serena Williams always wears her AP on the left wrist.


Serena Williams with a left handed Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. Picture (C) AP

Closeup of the watch on the wrist:


You can clearly see the crown on the left hand side of the case

For comparison here is the stock model with crown on the right side:


It is interesting to note Serena Williams has been playing with this watch since March 2016.  We found a shot of it on her wrist during the recent ATP Tournament at Indian Wells.

Serena Williams wearing the same left handed Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Quartz. Picture (C) AP Photo

Is it a a piece unique?  It certainly looks that way since we have never seen any modern iterations of the Royal Oak Offshore in a left handed configuration.

That concludes this tennis themed Spot the Watch and good luck to Serena Williams for Wimbledon.

Update 08/07/16: A custom piece for Serena Williams

We contacted Audemars Piguet USA who confirmed for us that Serena is wearing a modified Ref. #67540OK.ZZ.A010CA.01, which was done to improve the ergonomics for her


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