Revolo Giveaway followup: Winner confirmed! Discount code only for Deployant Readers

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Following the overwhelming response to our Revolo Giveaway contest, and the final selection of Andy Lockley from the UK as the winner, the kind folks at Revolo have offered a special discount code for Deployant Readers for the full suite of watches. 



The contest was the most successful giveaway we have yet conducted at Deployant. Andy has responded that he will pick up the Giveaway. And as he has met all the conditions, we are pleased to announce him as the winner! Congratulations Andy! We will share his experiences as he goes through the configurator and what he has finally personalised for himself in due course.

A new Kickstarter. (See the link)  is now also available for the new chronograph, now at a special pricing for supporters. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the chronograph will also be added to the suite, and be available on the Revolo Configurator.



As a further gesture of friendship, Geert Tibosch of Revolo has kindly extended a special discount of 15% for all Deployant Readers which is applicable for watches configured and paid in full by this year. Go to the Revolo website configurator. Pick and choose your options and configure you own personalised watch. At check out apply the following discount code:


15% discount code: DD15




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