Revolo contest: Giveaway Winner announced here!

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We ran an article on Revolo giving detailed information on this innovative company who offers customizable watches. The folks at Revolo was very pleased, and offered to an exclusive giveaway. Here we announce the giveaway winner!


First the process on how we selected the winner. Entries were only qualified if they were sent to our gmail Editiorial Team account before the close of 31st October 2017 anywhere on Earth. We opened the email to find 103 entries. We numbered each entry according to the sequence in which they were received according to the gmail time stamp.

And used a random integer generator from to pick a number.


The Random number generator.


At this stage, we have not yet opened the email entries, so as not to be influenced in any way as to the name or location of the contestant. As such, we had no way to know if the entry had answered the question correctly. So we asked the system to generate 3 random numbers. The system returned the following:


The three random numbers generated by


The process next was to go from the first number from the left, then open the corresponding email entry. The correct entry is the winner. If the first entry does not have the correct answer, we go to the next number on the right. If all the entries picked by the generator does not answer the question correctly, we go back to the generator for another set. And repeat till we get the correct answer.

As it turned out, the first number, in this case 84 was correct. The winner is Andy Lockley from the UK. Congratulations Andy!


We have emailed Andy with instructions on how to collect the prize.

Please note the winner has agreed to the Terms and Conditions in our Contest Entry article when he submitted his entry.


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