New Release: GoS Watches Sarek Akka (price and specs)

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Gustafsson & Sjögren, GoS Watches, is a partnership between the master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren. They first met during 2007 and soon realized that they both share a deep passion for their respective crafts and for the ancient Scandinavian craft tradition. The watches are hand forged from Damascus steel. Their new release is a bespoke addition to their Sarek collection – the Sarek Akka.


GoS Watches

GoS is a rather new and unconventional watchmaking company. Independent, and operating from Sweden, they offer watches which are an alamgam of their skills – blacksmithing and watchmaking. The company first started making watches in 2008 and their speciality is in unique looking timepieces, made with damascus steel. They currently have several collections: Nordic Seasons, Aurora, Bifrost Ice, Winter Nights, Sarek and Voring.


GoS Sarek Akka


Photograph by Johan Annerfelt and feature the watch on top of Johan Gustafsson ́s anvil where the pattern of the dial was once shaped. Johan used glowing steel as a light source which is why there is a yellow/orange nuance.


Sarek Akka The main source of inspiration for the monochrome Sarek Akka was found in the most impressive massif of Swedish Lapland – Akka. Akka is located just north of Sarek and is often referred to as “The Queen of Lapland” since Akka means “grandmother” or “goddess” in Saami language. The massif is surrounded by low growing mountain Birch, which is illustrated by scroll engravings on the watch bezel. This detailed engraving is made by master engraver Stanley Stoltz who is a legend among knife and rifle collectors. The Sarek chapter ring and the case ring both draw inspiration from authentic Viking bracelets and brooches.



Each Akka dial unique as it is made from uncoloured damascus steel, made by a technique developed in Scandinavia during the Iron Age. The hot forging of the sword steels and quenching it to hold the martensite structure (hardened) was the main technique in achieving the superior qualities of the sword. Layering of two different steel types created an early composite material and the viking swords could be made both longer and sharper. It is said that the Vikings quenched the forged swords in beer and even read the fortunes of the lines that were formed. The sword was not just an instrument of war. It represented national as well as an individual pride, protection of the nearest, honor, and above all it was a symbol of heroism.



Another result of pattern-welded steel is that a nice pattern appears in the steel, when slightly etched in acid, or when the patina of using it a long time shows on the surface of the steel.


The GoS Sarek Akka, with the high contrast damascus steel dial with scroll engraved bezel and optional bespoke crown


Sarek is also the first GoS model to feature the new GoS crown, which is shaped much like the form of a Viking sword hilt. The neck of the GoS crown is deeply recessed into the case, thereby securing the crown and mechanism from side impacts. The hands are high gloss polished in a Dauphine finish with a center ridge which bears a closer resemblance to the Viking arrow and spear heads that inspired the first GoS hands.



Sarek Akka –with bespoke strap and crown GoS watch straps normally are made from moose leather, and is offered with alternatives to further personalize the watch in both leather qualities and stitching to match or contrast the dial´s color range. The GoS 20mm deployant buckle is supplied by a Swiss manufacture, featuring a snap lock mechanism.


The damascus steel counter weight on the custom rotor.


The Sarek is powered by a Soprod A10 movement that has been customized with a GoS triskele rotor. The dark GoS rotor has a circular satinization as finish and is equipped with an additional counter weight made from Damascus steel. The counter weight is finished for maximum contrasts on the surface and high gloss polished bevels.

The Sarek collection starts from US$8,500 (+appl taxes) where the dial color range and pattern style is selected on watches produced on order.

The Sarek Akka as pictured is US$12,800. This watch has several additional features on the “normal” Sarek:

  • Hand engraved bezel by master Stanley Stoltz (who is senior engraver for Fabbri in Italy but does most of the work in his own workshop)
  • Rotor counter weight in damascus steel
  • Handsculpted crown in stainless damascus steel
  • Tapered strap made to client specification and fitted with Swiss made GoS deployant buckle


Specification – GoS Sarek Akka

● Case: 43.0mmx10.5mm (5ATM) ● Lug width: 22mm ● Glass: Domed sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside ● Movement: Soprod A10 with GoS triskele rotor, dark satinized and addititional counter weight in Damascus steel ● Dial: 164 layered steel Damascus steel with a Wildflower pattern and a greyscale high contrast finishing. ● Bezel: Scroll engraving by Stanley Stoltz ● Index ring/rehaut: Two layers combining previous GoS design with inspiration from viking bracelets. ● Hands: GoS spear shape in high gloss polished Rhodinated finish ● Crown: GoS design in highgloss polished with satinized grooves. 7mm in diameter and with double gaskets. Optional handsculpted crown in stainless damascus steel. ● Case finishing: Stainless steel, worked and finished with inspiration from viking bracelets. ● Strap: Handcrafted Chocolate brown or Black Moose leather, fitted with stainless steel GoS buckle. Optional tapered 22-20mm strap in leather quality and stitching selected by client and fitted with premium GoS 20mm Swiss made folding buckle in stainless steel. ● Every watch engraved with “Sarek 1/1” to indicate that every watch is a unique piece in addition to a serial number. ● Five year guarantee ● Delivered in handcrafted presentation box in Walnut, made by Kanevad wood artists

The retail price of Sarek Akka starts from US$11,800 + applicable taxes. Additional prices of bespoke tapered straps with a GoS folding buckle or a crown in Damascus steel start from US$500 each.

Note: Every Sarek Akka dial has a unique pattern but all with the same character. GoS will present dials for selection when ordering a Sarek directly from the workshop.


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  1. Michael Perlman on

    Would jump at one of these if it were a 40mm dial. I simply can’t wear 43mm. And a watch like the Sarek Akka with time only, no complications, would be great in a 39-40mm case. I’ve been told by the maker that they have no plans for a smaller case size. Guess I’ll have to live without this one.