New: Lady Gaga appointed as Tudor Ambassador #BornToDare

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Lady Gaga. Who doesn’t know this music superstar with a penchant for outlandish fashion? A rebel, perhaps by definition, Mother Monster (as her fans call her, and she refers to them as Little Monsters), the imagery is perfect for the Tudor #BornToDare Campaign, which has sprouted such mega stars as David Beckham and the All Blacks

Lady Gaga is constantly re-inventing herself, as well as leading the way in popular culture. A singer and performer with an astounding voice, a theatrical style and charisma, she is a fashion icon in her own right. 6 Grammy Awards. 1 Golden Globe. Countless MTV awards. 150 million singles and over 30 million albums sold.  These numbers tell the story. She is immensely popular, with a slick social media presence with her Twitter account @ladygaga garnering some 69 million followers and her Instagram @ladygaga account with 65 million.

Shown here in the promotional photograph, Lady Gaga sporting the Tudor Black Bay Red in a burgundy fabric strap.


Lady Gag chooses the Tudor Black Bay Red with a burgundy fabric strap.


Lady Gaga is a global, leading fashion icon, mindful of everything she wears. She has turned celebrity into a comprehensive art form. Her outfit is a powerful message, a performance art in its own right. Every accessory, however outlandish tells the story. And her choice of a watch? The Tudor Black Bay. A tool watch rugged enough for the rigours of her high energy performance style, and elegant enough to complement her fashion sense.



The Black Bay Red with a burgundy fabric strap. Fitting for Mother Monster?


The Tudor Black Bay Red pictured is part of the Black Bay family, comprising of the Black, the Blue, the Red, and the extended family of the Dark, the Bronze, the Steel and the 36.


The Tudor Black Bay Red,. This model now comes with the in-house MT5602 movement replacing the ETA 2892 used in the earlier releases of the Black Bay. The identifying feature being the absence of the rose logo on the dial on the new, in-house powered Black Bay.




  1. Gaga seems a great choice, especially for Tudor. Her music and her performances are current, cutting edge and appeal to a huge audience.

  2. The target audience of people buying Tudor is nowhere close to the kind of people LG makes her music for. Will a millennial who likes Gaga’s music have an appreciation for mechanical watches, let alone be able to afford a Tudor?