New: Bremont MBIII Stealth Limited Edition

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Bremont releases a new collaboration with ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker – introducing the MBIII Stealth Limited Edition.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Bremont MBIII Stealth Limited Edition

The Bremont MBIII Stealth Limited Edition is listed at GBP 4,750 inclusive of VAT. Limited Edition of 50 pieces.


The background for the Martin-Baker collaboration is interesting. This being the third in the series. The MBI came about as a special collaboration with Bremont for members of the Ejection Tie Club of MB. This is a special club, overseen by the ejection seat maker Martin-Baker. The club now currently lists 7,715 members, and each receive a distinctive tie to proudly declare the ordeal they went through ejecting from their aircraft. The MBI was a watch which they can acquire as a member of the club. The watch was developed by Bremont to withstand “apart from other “minor” hardships, the intense shock and G-forces of an aircraft ejection.” The Bremont MBI is a unique and bespoke watch available to Martin-Baker ejectees only and can be quickly identified by its red aluminium barrel. Every watch is engraved with a personal engraving of up to 10 digits consisting of their call sign, name, or date, and will feature the individual’s Martin-Baker Tie Club membership number. Cool back story.

Next, Bremont developed the MBII as the civilian version, available to the public with small changes while keeping the extreme toughness of the watch. A special edition was dedicated to Coronation of King Charles III. The series in the third collection now, with the MBIII. This novelty is a special edition of the MBIII, in all black livery.

The watch is an impressive one. A bit underwhelming in design and pizzaz, but Bremonts are designed as ultimate tool watches. They quietly do an excellent job, steadily, without any fanfare. Much like the British people, with their iconic “Keep Calm and Carry On” spirit which became prevalent during the Battle for Britain in WW2. Curiously, though the company was established by the English brothers who are…well, English, the CEO is now the rather flamboyant Davide Cerato. Davide is a well known player in the watchmaking industry, having cut his teeth in Panerai, Tudor, Montblanc and a short stint at HYT.

But the technical features of the MBII is very impressive. The watch features a chronometer rated movement which is dubbed BE-93-2AV by Bremont. The base movement is ubiquitious ETA 2892-A2 with an additional GMT hand.

The case is stainless steel DLC with a Trip-Tick construction. This case construction is unique to Bremont, with the bezel extending to become the lugs, and fitted over the case middle and separate case back. The case middle is a jet black knurled aluminium barrel. The movement is mounted on a shock absorption system and inside a soft iron cage. The bezel clicking design is also uses the propritary Bremont Roto-Click design which rotates while gliding on four ball bearings. These bearings knit into the gearing of the bezel to produce a satisfying click for every minute rotated.

The new MBIII Stealth Limited Edition is stoutly priced at GBP 4,750. This is a small premium over base Bremont MBIII is GBP 4,695. We received the release information on Dec 13, and as of today (Dec 19), the Bremont website says that the watch is already out of stock. We are not sure if they have sold out, or the watches are in the shelves of retailers around the world.

Release information

Born from military inspiration and designed in collaboration with the iconic ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker, Bremont introduces the MBII Stealth Limited Edition. Limited to just 50 pieces, the tactical and highly technical timepiece boasts GMT functionality for those operating across multiple time zones, and a chronometer-rated movement with 50-hour power reserve. The MBIII Stealth brings a covert aesthetic to the iconic Bremont MB Range with its DLC coated stainless steel 43mm Trip-Tick case. The Stealth also features a matching ‘Jet’ coloured knurled aluminium barrel, inspired by components on the Martin-Baker seats.

Internal protective features such as an anti-shock movement mount and Faraday ring minimise the impact of shocks and jolts on its timekeeping accuracy, as well as the effects of magnetism. This technology was originally developed for the MB range when putting the timepieces through the same rigorous tests that Martin-Baker would subject their ejection seats to such as live ejection, vibration, extreme endurance, altitude, and aircraft carrier deck testing.

The striking all-black design incorporates Super-LumiNova® coated hands and numerals ensuring optimum visibility. Turning the watch over reveals its exhibition smoked crystal case-back through which the mechanical movement and rubberised anti-shock movement mount can be seen. The timepiece is complemented by a highly durable and ergonomic black-on-black Chalgrove strap, aptly named after Martin-Baker’s site at Chalgrove airfield, Oxfordshire. The high-performance bi-material strap combines both rubber and leather, offering something practical and robust that also has enhanced moisture resistance.

“The Bremont partnership with Martin-Baker defines our status as a strong player in tool watches and our dedication to testing our watches in the most extreme of environments. Relied upon by many of the military squadrons and special forces that Bremont manufactures for worldwide, the MB range showcases Bremont’s commitment to making timepieces as robust and precise as the operations they serve.”

Bremont CEO Davide Cerrato

Bremont MBIII Stealth Limited Edition Specifications