Editorial Commentary and News: innovative independent HYT returns with Davide Cerato as CEO

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Two pieces of exciting news today. We have been reporting on the exploits of HYT, an exciting fresh independent brand with unique liquid technology since 2012. The company folded in 2020, but we were urged to note by the insiders that the maison will return. This morning, while we were asleep, we received news that indeed this has happened. And HYT returns.

Press Release with Editorial Commentary in italics.

Editorial Commentary

Davide Cerato, who was managing Montblanc’s watch business and formerly Creative Director at Tudor and Panerai has been appointed as CEO. The brand has been taken over by Kairos Technology Switzerland SA who has taken over all the assets.

A quick search shows Kairos Technology Switzerland (KTS) SA as a company incorporated in June 2021, with Vincent Periard as President since June 2021. Vincent was instrumental in bringing HYT to the haute horlogerie world in 2012 with his infectious enthusiasm and characteristic dynamic character. We know Vincent personally, and have great respect for his abilities. Davide Cerato has also been on the board since October 2021. We have also known Davide personally since his days at Panerai, but more closely when he was in Tudor and Montblanc.

Davide Cerato. Pic by HYT.

According the Dunn and Bradstreet, KTS is located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and is part of the Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing Industry. The report also stated that KTS has 3 total employees across all of its locations and generated USD 380,589 in sales.

HYT Watches: The independent brand is back

In 2012, the HYT watch brand created a buzz within the watchmaking community with its hybrid mechanical-fluidic technology allowing the time to be displayed using fluids. This unique module is driven by a manufactured mechanical movement. HYT thus combines mechanical virtuosity and avant-garde technology.

The technology utilized in HYT watches, are derived from aerospace and medical fields, but HYT now have in-house know how and are able to manufacture these fluid systems in-house.

In 2021, Kairos Technology Switzerland SA took over all the assets of HYT and appointed Davide Cerrato as CEO. This veteran of the watchmaking industry, with a track record of success with brands such as Panerai, Tudor and Montblanc/Minerva, has accepted this new challenge.

« I am delighted to take over the general management of this magnificent brand. HYT has succeeded in bringing a new dimension to the watch industry thanks to its innovative and groundbreaking content. The brand is thus clearly positioned as a “trailblazer” for fine watchmaking in the new millennium. We have already set to work to perpetuate this promise of innovation, to re-enchant watch enthusiasts and collectors, but also to push back the existing technical limits, by materialising a new pleasure of wearing a luxury watch. A pleasure that mixes « maestria » with mechanical virtuosity, fluid displays and avant-garde designs.»

Davide Cerrato, HYT’s new CEO.

HYT’s activities resumed in September to present the brand’s new identity and a new watch expression, scheduled for launch in January 2022.


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