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Gaëtan Gaye presents for Deployant the Ressence Type2 e Crown® Concept with a live demonstration
by Dan-Andrei Kluska on February 21, 2018

Just before SIHH2018, we announced a new timepiece from Ressence, the Type2 e-Crown® Concept.  Coming from a brand based on horological innovation, the new timepiece proposes a revolution in evolution. The first self-setting mechanical watch, the Type2 e-Crown.

Ressence Type2 e-Crown® Concept

The Ressence Type2 e-Crown® Concept has the same signature style we have been accustomed in the Ressence Type 1 Squared, reviewed here, the complicated Type 5G or in their collaboration with Mr Porter, the Type 1 PW MRP. Ressence follows the atypical “no hands” time display using a traditional movement and their innovative ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System), but with a smart addition (pun intended). Type2 e-Crown® is the horological cyborg that can change the way we perceive fine watch mechanics. A smart electronic module is added to set the correct time precisely, on demand or automatically. The e-Crown® module does not intervene in the functionality of the basic movement but replaces the traditional crown. Just like the usage of a normal crown – only as needed, but in a totally innovative and original way. This brings a series of advantages: the ultra-precise watch set (in the full e-Crown® mode), two time zones which are automatically updated and caters for DST, with the beauty of the classical mechanical movements. Best of both worlds. The best mechanical to soothe the fascination backed up by care-free technology of the 21 century.

At SIHH 2018, we had the chance to catch up with Gaëtan Gaye, International Brand Director at Ressence. He explained the background idea, the concept and the functionality of the Type2 e-Crown® Concept. Next week, an extensive review with live explanations, along our impressions will be published.

Until next week, we invite you to have a look at how the Type2 e-Crown® Concept works. Despite the fact it was only a prototype, this is one helluva impressive timepiece. Enjoy!




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