New Release: Ressence Type2 e-Crown®

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Ressence is a synonym for horological innovation. For this year’s SIHH, the Belgian brand comes with another concept, worthy of the technological advance of our days. The brand combines a mechanical movement with an electromechanical module, producing the first self-setting mechanical watch – the Type2 e-Crown.


Ressence Type2 e-Crown Concept 1

Originality and innovation signed Ressence – the Type2 e-Crown® Concept propose a hybrid between modern mechanics, electronics and traditional horology. This is the horological cyborg menace equipped with unusual functionalities for a mechanical movement.


Type2 e-Crown® Concept

Since the very beginning, the Ressence watches were atypical: an unusual “no hands” time display and an interesting approach to telling the time. Exactly one year ago, the brand presented the Ressence Type 1 Squared – the dressiest watch from the brand ever, reviewed later here. Still 2017, Ressence presents the most complicated watch up to that date, the Ressence Type 5G. In the summer, the Belgian maison announce the collaboration with Mr Porter, the online global retailer. This collaboration brings, especially for the online seller, the Ressence Type 1 PW MRP.


Ressence Type2 e-Crown Concept front view

Nothing betrays what’s behind the now known Ressence look.


The best way to envision the future of fine-watchmaking is by creating it.
Benoît Mintiens, Ressence founder and creative mind.


For SIHH2018, the brand’s concept is a mixture of sci-fi and retro. The Type 2 e-Crown® Concept offers, for the first time, a self-setting mechanical watch. The watch comes with a new generation of ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System), fully developed in-house. The system is composed of grade 5 Titanium co-planar discs and rings. These are mounted on jewel micro-ball bearings with gaps between the discs of 35 microns. Manufactured in different sizes, the components are spherical, with a radius of 75mm. Hence the domed dial.



Ressence Type2 e-Crown Concept oblique view

Ressence Type2 e-Crown Concept relies on two natural sources of energy: one is the rotor weight of the mechanical movement and the other one is, surprisingly for a mechanical watch, solar energy.


The ROCS display system is put into motion by an automatic mechanical movement and an additional module that offers an automated time setting technology, called e-Crown®.


Ressence Type2 e-Crown Concept back side

e-Crown®: An in-house electro-mechanical embedded system capable of
registering, monitoring, adjusting and most importantly setting the time of the Type2 e-Crown® Concept without human intervention.” – Ressence


Type 2 e-Crown® Concept is a self-sufficient mechanical watch that uses a classic automatic mechanical movement and a kinetic generator supplied in need by photovoltaic cells for setting, along with the back lever, the right time.


e-Crown® – How does it work?

The e-Crown® automatically sets and adjust the mechanical display. This function can be even switched off or on, without affecting the watch. The Type2 e-Crown® registers the time set manually via the back lever as the reference time. This is monitored and adjusted, in need, by the e-Crown® module. Note that the timekeeping function of the watch is powered by the mechanical movement. When the watch is not worn, the mechanical movement stops, the electronic module enters automatically in a sleep mode. The e-Crown® module wakes up when movement is detected, like the motion caused by putting the watch back on the wrist, and automatically adjusts the mechanical display to the correct time.


Ressence Type2 e-Crown on wrist

Could be Ressence Type2 e-Crown one of the way to the future? Or maybe a truce between the classical calibres and smartwatches?


The e-Crown® replace the traditional crown in a more efficient and advanced way. Two time zones can be displayed, set in advance via the back lever or via the e-Crown®  phone app.


Ressence e-Crown architecture

Ressence e-Crown module comes between the traditional calibre and the ROCS display module. The module is powered using a kinetic system and photovoltaic cells.


The adjustment can be realised by the module in three modes. In full e-Crown® mode (e-Crown® + App setting) the watch is set and adjusted to the second by your smart-phone. In semi e-Crown® mode (e-Crown® + Manual setting) the watch is set and adjusted to the minute. In mechanical mode (no e-Crown® + Manual setting) the watch is running without any assistance, in full mechanical mode.


Ressence e-Crown Cluster

Ressence e-Crown module can be activated and deactivated without affecting the functionality of the mechanical movement. Activating the module brings an enhanced precision, plus smart functionalities.


As a conclusion: Ressence brings a new era to the table, the times where a mechanical watch, with all the advantages and disadvantages, is coupled with an electromechanical smart module, again with all the advantages and disadvantages, to have, in the end only the best of both worlds.



The Type2 e-Crown® will be available in stores starting June 2018. For more information, please visit


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