Time travelling with the Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

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The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite proves the perfect companion for every journey. The timepiece represents sophisticated mechanics, and easily possesses the most timezones in the market today. Even better, the Senator Cosmopolite is capable of calibrating to both Standard and Daylight Saving Time. Fit with a 72 hour power reserve movement, the stainless steel Cosmopolite is both an elegant and highly engineered timekeeper ideal for any world traveller.


Time-travelling with the Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite



The watch measures 44 mm by 14 mm and is fit with a blue Louisiana alligator strap. Executed in the characteristic style of Glashütte Original, the clear design is reduced to its most essential elements.


At its heart is the manufactory’s 89-02 automatic movement, a 4-Hz masterpiece assembled by hand from more than 400 individual components, with an off-centre rotor and a 72-hour power reserve.



The dial design and layout of the displays make it a pleasure to check the time. They use IATA international airport codes in three colours to indicate the traveller’s destination.


The 24 time zones that deviate from GMT by a full hour are each represented by an IATA code in black; an additional 8 with half-hour deviations present codes in blue, and the remaining three, each with a three-quarter hour offset from GMT, show an IATA code in red. Positioned at 9 o’clock is the newly designed day/night display with a small sun and stylised starry night sky.




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