Spot the Watch: Charlie Sheen and his Patek Philippes

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Bad boy Charlie Sheen is rather famous for almost exclusively collecting Patek Philippe watches. But looking through our archives, we realise we have never covered him in our Spot the Watch column. So here it is: Charlie Sheen and his Patek Philippes. And a surprise watch at the end. 

Editor’s note: This is not about Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle choices and or his life, or even about him. It is about his watches.

Charlie Sheen even appeared in a fake Patek Philippe advertisement with his father Martin circa 2011. This was from an elaborate April Fool’s article where Ariel Adams interviewed Thierry Stern on the advertisement.

Nevertheless, Charlie and his father Martin have always bought their own Pateks and even worn them on his movies and TV series without Patek having to place these watches.


Photo from A Blog to Watch April Fool feature.


In more recent times, the actor, who has seen some spectacular ups and downs, from being the highest paid personality on TV (in the hit TV SitCom Two and a Half Men) to his total meltdown subsequently and being down and out as HIV Positive, a drunk and a drug addict. It is reported that he has since cleaned up himself. In an interview with Jansen YouTube Channel in 2017, he was seen wearing a Patek Philippe Ref. 5712 with a blue dial. This is a highly prized watch, which is beyond the reach of many collectors. Not only due to the price, it retails for a relatively modest S$52,500, but rather the severe supply constraints.


Photo from YouTube video:


Earlier in 2013, he was touted to star as the lead in the Lance Armstrong movie Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong. The movie is based on a book of the same title by Juliet Macur. The movie deal was reported by The Potato online site as being produced by JJ Abrams. As far as we know, it was never made. Please comment if you have further information. The Potato report featured a photograph of Charlie wearing a Patek Ref. 5970/1p. He lost this watch in a hotel room in New York in 2010. We are not clear if he found the watch after. We think this photograph is possibly from before 2010. Tell us in the comments, if you know more.


Photo from:


He was also seen wearing what seems to be the older Patek perpetual calendar chronograph, the Ref. 3970, in yellow gold in a photograph which appeared in an article on talk forum in 2015.


Photo from:


The same Patek Ref. 3970 in yellow gold also seen in this photograph below:


Photo from:


Charlie has been known to have many more Pateks in his collection. Our friend Charles Tearle in an article Celebrity Watch Owners documents several of the Pateks owned by Charlie. Among them the Ref. 5970 shown above which he lost in the New York hotel room, and the Ref. 2497 which appeared as the first tweet in his Twitter account.

In the same article, Charles Tearle said that Charlie currently has one of the largest and most impressive vintage Patek collections of any ‘celebrity’ collector and rarely buys any other brand. So, in conclusion, we offer this. We spotted him in his 2012-2014 TV series: Anger Management episode “Charlie’s Dad Visits” with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox. Shown here in a scene from the movie with Shawnee Smith.


Photo from:


A close up tells all.



This concludes this episode of Spot the Watch.







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