Spot the Watch: Lance Armstrong

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As we are right now in the final week of the Tour de France 2017, we take a quick spot on disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong who was spotted on the Stages Podcast on Facebook Live, iTunes and YouTube. Lance is currently providing interesting insider knowledge in commenting about race immediately after each stage of this year’s Tour. The show received good ratings, even from NY Times.

We spotted him wearing the Rolex Cosmograph Ref.116500 during the podcast which he runs with co-host JB Hagar. While some may cringe at Lance being the subject, others have loved the man. And in the show, he truly comes to his stride. But enough of Lance. We are not here to discuss him or the doping and or even the cycling. Onto his watch. Remember, this is only about the watch.


Lance Armstrong, once the most celebrated cyclist of his time, disgraced, stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles. Now back as bike shop owner, and insider on a podcast of the 2017 season of the Tour de France.
Picture from YouTube.


Here is another picture.


Another photograph with the same Daytona 116500.
Photo from Lance Armstrong Facebook page.




A blowup of the same photograph, showing the new Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel, white dial in better detail.


He has been known and spotted elsewhere with the Rolex Daytona 116520, but in the entire series of the podcast, at least so far till Stage 15, he is spotted with the new Rolex Daytona 116500 with a white dial. Read our full review here.


The new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, featuring a contrasting ceramic bezel.


Seems like he is a Rolex fan. He was wearing the Rolex GMT Master-II Ref. 16710 on this earlier promotional for his Livestrong charity.


Photo from Livestrong promotional with Lance wearing the Rolex GMT Master-II Ref. 16710.


This concludes this episode of Spot the Watch.


Stop Press! This just in!

On the Stage 16 review episode of Stages, Lance is seen wearing a different watch.


Stage 16 recap of the Stages Podcast. Another watch on Lance.
Picture from YouTube.


As this episode was just released late last evening, our Spotter is not yet able to do the legwork to identify the watch. The first person to correctly identify the watch, as determined by Nick Gould when he has completed the research, will receive a beautiful Deployant leather and crocodile watch pouch. This mini-contest is open woridwide, and we will pay regular shipping for the pouch. Let the answers come! Email us your entries or in the comments below!


Editor’s note: The watches are identified by Deployant’s resident Watch Spotter, Nick Gould.



    • Justin is correct, and wins the watch pouch. We got your email as well, so will be in touch on where to send it soon.

      Thanks for participating.

      BTW, even though Justin’s surname is Chong, there is no relation to the Chief. 🙂

  1. Glashutte Original Inverso. But L Armstrong really sucks so i dont know why we are giving him even time of day.