SIHH 2019: Singer Flytrack Concept

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Back in 2017, Singer Reimagined was introduced to offer collectors timepieces that were inspired by iconic sports watches of the 1960s and 1970s.

The brand had certainly achieved a lot during this short period of time. Their debut piece – the Track1 – won the “Best Chronograph” award in the recent 2018 GPHG. We have had waxed lyrical about its flagship timepiece on several occasions as well.

Singer Flytrack Concept

This year, Singer decided to recreate another timepiece that follows the same ethos. The idea is to produce a timepiece that is highly-practical, yet simple and priorities readability. This leads us to the Flytrack Concept.

The 43mm Flytrack Concept provides the foundation for a new kind of tool watch – focusing on both functionality and minimalism. This is basically a three-hand watch, in which it features a centralised second and minute hand. The hour indicator is one the peripheral ring, denoted by a triangular indicator.

The other highlight is its unique flyback seconds indicator – designed for consecutive measurement of short time intervals. It is activated via a single push of a button, in which return to zero and restart the calculation. In addition, it can also be used for zero-reset for time-setting.

The Movement

There are currently no watch manufacturers that produces such a flyback mechanism – leading to Singer creating its own calibre. The new movement is manual-winding, with a decent power reserve of around 52 hours. The main draw of the movement lies in its second hand, in which it can be disengaged and reset using a heart shape cam.


The Singer Flytrack Concept is current a concept piece, as its name suggests. However, the Flytrack Collection will be launched some time later in the year – so keep your eyes peeled on that. The new collection will follow the same ethos, which is admittedly rather exciting. The brand is certainly poised for big things in time to come.


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