Live from Geneva: Barton 7. The Indies.

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This is the first of our coverage of the SIHH and shows happening around Geneva this week.

We were already privy to a special session at Vacheron Constantin at a special presentation on a very interesting new watch. Watch out for our press release article and hands on session with lots of live photographs and drawings tomorrow morning. We will publish that 0700 CET.

Beginning this Sunday coverage, we were with some independents at Barton 7. Here are some highlights:

The Singer Reimagined new Flyback we just covered in a press release:

Here is Singer Reimagined CEO Marco Borraccino demonstrating the flyback.

From Antoine Presuzio, we have a watch case made of meteorite.

He acquired a meteorite, and made slices. The case is cut out by hydro pressure. Resulting in a very unique case. The meteorite is almost totally pure iron, but Presuzio treated the outer side as rust proving.

From Claude Meylan, the Poya pocket watch. ETA movement base, redecorated.

Also showing here were Ludovic Ballouard. A new color for the Upside Down.

That wraps it up for Barton 7.

Peter Chong
Live from Geneva


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