Review: the new Yema Superman Slim CMM .20

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Hot off the manufacture is the latest iteration of Yema’s Superman Slim CMM .20. The Superman is one of Yema and France’s most iconic dive watch, after several iterations after it’s revival in 2018, the latest iteration now features an in-house movement along side a micro rotor. Here’s our take of it after a week on the wrist.

Review: the new Yema Superman Slim CMM .20

The Yema Superman Slim CMM .20 has a retail price of USD 2,490 with the new slim scales bracelet. It is limited to 200 pieces (100 pieces per variant) and is available from May 2024.

The Yema Superman is not born just yesterday but it is first released in 1963 and revived in 2018. This iconic French dive watch not only encompasses the brand’s rich history but also one of the most popular watch the manufacture currently offers. The Superman is available in numerous variations including the GMT model and one with the date complication. There is a watch for almost everyone who’s looking for a robust diver. We have reviewed the Superman 500 in 2022, and Superman Steel Bronze in 2020.

First Impression/ The Case

“What a value proposition this is!” writer Stanley mentioned when he first got his hands on the watch. When both Peter and Stanley first donned on the watches (As usual, Stanley picked the one in blue), it hugs their wrist comfortably. The watch is sized at 39mm which seems to be able to fit both 6.25 inches and 7.25 inch wrist well. The Superman moniker suggests a certain indestructibility and strength, and robustness. And certainly the Yema Superman is a great to wear on a daily basis. It can easily take the rigours of daily life as well as being proportionately sized coupled with a comfortable bracelet. Styling is also classic and contemporary. It is one that we could rock up with in the boardroom or accompany us for snorkelling sessions in the Maldives.

If we have one tiny nit to pick, it would be the bezel lock. This a signature feature of Yema diving watches, an gives the watch a distinctive look.

But in use, we encounter some issues. The bezel lock works very well to prevent unintended movement of the bezel. It is released as the crown is unscrewed, and when free, it hangs loose and flops around the crown until it is secured again. The edges of the lock is also rather sharp. Perhaps if Yema could engineer a spring that could hold it in place against the crown, it will feel more sturdy.

The Dial

The Yema Superman Slim is available in two variants, one blue and the other black. The blue is not quite a pastel blue, perhaps a tad darker but still a rather light hue. Perhaps a couple of shades lighter than the Black Bay 58 Blue. The black dial version is even more classical looking, with its monochromatic colour schema. The aesthetics are exactly what one would expect a dive watch to be. A very clean dial, with large markers and hands. Legibility is excellent.

Even under poor lighting conditions, the lume is gorgeous and very bright.

The bracelet is done in the same manner with the case where it has a great vertically brushed finish. The bracelet is certainly very beautiful to look at. Aesthetically, it reminds us of fish or reptile scales. And we mean that in a good way. It is well finished, and feels very pliable on the wrist. The initial fear of it trapping the hairs on the wrist is completely unfounded and the bracelet remains very comfortable. The bracelet also features an extension to fit over the divers suit.

The Movement

Here’s the most impressive selling point of the watch! The movement. The Micro-Rotor Caliber Manufacture Morteau 20 (CMM.20) makes a great argument for the Superman. It features a 28,800 bph beat rate with a weekend proof 70 hours power reserve which is very much a standard right now. The Micro-Rotor is a feature that is not available from the competition at this price point. Yema claims that the movement is manufactured in-house in their facilities, as mentioned in our earlier reviews, some of our friends have visited the facilities to verify this. And we are planning a visit to the manufacture to see how the movement is made, and will report back soon.

During the week on the wrist, the watch keeps time well within its specification of -3/+7 tolerance and managed to allow Stanley to get to his meetings on time.

The movement finishing is quite basic, but all the engineering requirements are met. The movement layout is very aesthetically pleasing as well. We think it is particularly good value, as the micro-rotor movements are hard to come by, and certainly none at this price point. Making this watch a great value proposition. Makes one wonder how a small French watch Manufacture could put one in a watch that is still reasonably affordable and within reach of most collectors.


Currently in the market, there are quite a few divers that are similar to Yema that brings in the heritage and also an in-house movement with similar price range or just slightly more expensive. Here are some candidates.

First up is the Seiko Prospex Diver Seiko SPB 301. It is Seiko’s modern interpretation of it’s 1970s diver watch. Though it is 42.7MM wide, it is a watch that is friendly even on the daintier wrist due to it’s short lugs. The watch is powered by a 6R35 movement that has a beat of 21,600 bph though slightly lower beat than the Yema but the 6R35 movement is tried and tested to be bullet proof just like a Toyota’s engine.

Second watch that is up is the Tudor Blackbay 54 that was released last Watches and Wonders. But at 50% more, it is food for thought. The watch was intended to be the modern interpretation of Tudor’s first dive watch the 7922 which was released in the year 1954. The Blackbay 54 has also features a very friendly 37MM diameter along with an in-house movement that is time-only Manufacture Calibre MT5400.


In conclusion, the Superman Slim gets a high recommendation to buy if we need a daily beater. It has a nice history, a gorgeous bracelet and the pièce de résistance: the micro-rotor movement. At this price point, the amazing value proposition is very much the movement that is done in-house and almost no other competitor has a micro-rotor movement like this. Basically, in car language, the Yema Superman Slim CMM .20 is just like the Alpine A110. It has a strong heritage, great looks and bang for buck. And we love it.


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