Review: the new Furlan Marri “Bronzo Rosso” Watches of Switzerland

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We took the new Furlan Marri Bronzo Rosso, a special watch made in collaboration with Watches of Switzerland Singapore for a one week spin. This is what we thoughts about the watch.

“When I was onboarded to my new role, we were exploring on a limited edition piece and my Furlan Marri was coming. This was how the idea came about” explained the Watches of Switzerland (WoS) rep when he first handed me the watch. Here’s our review of it after the first week on the wrist

Review: the New Furlan Marri “Bronzo Rosso”

The Furlan Marri “Bronzo Rosso” Reference 1205-H Watches of Switzerland Edition is set for a retail price of SGD 1,100. Price is inclusive of GST. We understand that all 300 pieces of the watch have been spoken for.

First Impression/The Case

When the Rep of Watches of Switzerland handed me the watch, I cannot help but to notice the striking red dial and strap where it reminded me of the Singaporean flag. It was released last month in time for Singapore’s National Day which is on the 9th of August. The watch is also a project of a gentleman who was newly onboarded into his role at Watches of Switzerland, he explained to me that the idea was first conceived when he has just gotten a blue dial steel Furlan Marri. The WoS management team saw the blue watch, and eventually created this gorgeous bronze and red example.

The review piece is a prototype piece from Watches of Switzerland where the bronze case have been exposed to the natural elements for sometime, developing a patina resulting in the once jubilant gold evolving to a more muted tone. This oxidation process will grow with the owner as it will reflect the owner’s lifestyle and where they bring their watch to. Certainly one can choose to forced patina it (shout out to our Chief Technical Elf Sharon) but well… As many of you readers know, I’m just a romantic and never one who likes it forced.

Speaking of romance, Furlan Marri is a brand that is conceived by Andrea Furlan and Hamad Al Marri. The design of their watches is based on the their love for watches from the 1930s and 40s. The watch in particular which inspired them? The Patek Philippe ref. 1463. This particular variant of the Furlan Marri hits the exact spot on how it pays homage on the Patek Philippe.

The Dial

As we move towards the striking burgundy red dial, it certainly catches one’s attention on how the red and gold compliments each other where it brings out the clarity of the breguet numerals and the minute tracks… Well seriously, nothing much for me to elaborate on the dial by words but let’s move it up a notch on how the striking red dial is a chick magnet! When I wore it to an event hosted by the Watchmaker’s watchmaker, quite a few of our friends from the brand complimented the watch, especially the ladies where they were intrigued by the red dial.

On a personal note, my girlfriend who took the watch off me on the weekend to wear, shares the exact same sentiments on the beautiful colour combination of the dial. Furthermore, she suggested that the numerals were classy where it brings a contemporary yet vintage kind of vibe.

The Movement

Let’s be honest here, there are days that we get lazy to wind the our mechanical watches. For me, a manual winding watch (*cough… 321 Movement… cough*) is even worse! Perhaps, you’re like me working crazy hours and having barely 5 hours of sleep on the weekdays… Time and date on my watches becomes the least of my concern when that happens. My watches are sometimes left unset, unwound.

Enter the Seiko VK64 Hybrid Mechanical Quartz aka Mecaquartz movement where it is powered by a battery operated quartz movement. It should last one 3 years of pure enjoyment without worrying about adjusting the time on the watch. Talk about the joys of set it and forget it. The chronograph mechanism on the other hand is completely mechanical. It has a nice and assuring click when one depresses on the pump pusher, the sweeping second hands almost let me forget that the watch has a bulletproof quartz movement as it is so similar to my mechanical chronographs.

The Strap

The Furlan Marri “Bronzo Rosso” x Watches of Switzerland includes two genuine vegetable-tanned leather straps: burgundy red with white stitching, and brown with tone-on-tone stitching, complimented with a bronze pin-buckle. It is great that a watch at this price point would provide a bronze pin-buckle to compliment the watch where they will both patina and age gracefully together.


In this competitive era of gorgeous quartz chronograph timepieces that are available in the market, watch lovers are being spoilt for choices. Below are some of the watches that are in the similar price point as the Furlan Marri “Bronzo Rosso”

The first watch to be featured as the Furlan Marri’s worthy competitor is none other than the Seiko Prospex Speedtimer SSC813P1. The watch pays homage to the vaunted Rolex Daytona, very much similar to the Furlan Marri where it pays homage to the vintage Patek Ref. 1463. The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer is powered by a solar powered Seiko V192 movement, and current retail is SGD 901.

Image courtesy of Seiko

The second watch to be featured as a competitor is the Depancel Serie-A Stradale. The Depancel features the same movement however with a more automotive inspired design that would intrigue the automotive enthusiast and also one who would require a lumed hour and minute hands. The Depancel is also quite a bit less expensive at SGD 645.

Concluding thoughts

During the week on the wrist, this watch is so striking that it caught so much attention from the fairer gender who got intrigued by the colour combination and the size of this beauty. For gentlemen who would like to share their watches or even just to get their wife or girlfriend to venture into the world of watches, the Furlan Marri “Rosso Bronzo” would be the ideal watch. First is the friendly size of 38MM case size of the watch and secondly, the gorgeous “Rosso Bronzo” colour scheme that I am shouting about since the beginning of the article.

In conclusion, the unfortunate thing for those whose keen on this “chick magnet” is no longer able to purchase it from Watches of Switzerland as all 300 pieces has all been spoken for. However, word from the grapevine is that they might be releasing another variant of the watch with Furlan Marri which we can all look forward to.


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