Breaking News: De Bethune now with new owners

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The Swiss watch Manufacture De Bethune sells majority stake to an investment consortium.

We have been wondering what has been happening to the exceptional independent watchmaker De Bethune, as we have been hearing that principal investor David Zanetta has withdrawn from the company. Rumours have been flying around the watchosphere about what is happening to the brand. Our Chief Editor wrote an Instagram post on his personal account musing on October 16, 2017 about the fate of De Bethune. By then, he had already heard some interesting tidbits from industry insiders but no confirmation.


Instagram post on the fate of De Bethune. October 16, 2017.

Our Chief Editor muses about the fate of the exceptional work of De Bethune.


Undeniable in their pursuit of horological innovation and all things interesting, the manufacture today announced to sell a majority stake to an investment consortium led by Pierre Jacques, former CEO of the brand, and private equity investor Giovanni Perin.


Denis Flageollet, Pierre Jacques and Giovanni Perin.


Within the framework of this transaction, Denis Flageollet, co-founder and COO De Bethune, retains a substantial stake in the company. David Zanetta, the brand’s other co-founder, is stepping down and ceding all his shares. He had already withdrawn from the operational side of the company last year, on his 70th birthday, after an outstanding contribution to its expansion over the last 14 years.


extreme macro DBS Tourbillon

Detail of the De Bethune DBS Tourbillon. The finishing on the exposed movement which is fully visible as the vestigial dial retracts to only a ring around the face.


Since its founding, De Bethune has built a unique and strong industrial base dedicated to the watchmaking art. Today, the brand is distinguished by very high level of quality and innovation, ranking it firmly within the exclusive circle of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. They boast of no less than 25 calibres entirely in-house, around 30 world firsts, a number of patents, as well as 150 one-of-a-kind models.

It is no secret that at Deployant, we are great fans of the work by De Bethune. We have been consistently been impressed with the innovation, and creativity that the team has brought, and it would indeed be have been a shame if the firm disappeared. Now with this new injection of capital, we can only look forward to the new heights that De Bethune will achieve. Here are some of our reviews,among many others:



De Bethune World Traveller.

The De Bethune World Traveller announced in SIHH 2016. De Bethune was absent in SIHH 2017, and we hope this new capital injection will see them return with force in 2018.


The new structure will see Pierre Jacques, taking up his new responsibilities on December 1st 2017.


“by leveraging our network and our expertise, we are going to work with a view to further enhancing the reputation of this amazing brand and shaping the future of one of the finest Swiss watch Manufactures. I am looking forward to supporting De Bethune in this new growth phase, in close cooperation with Denis Flageollet.”

Pierre Jacques


“We are delighted to be joining forces with ideal partners to support our long-term development plans. Pierre Jacques, who already headed the company for five years between 2011 and 2015, has a wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of it. To have him now as shareholder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors will be immensely beneficial for De Bethune.”

Denis Flageollet, COO De Bethune.


“I am pleased to contribute to De Bethune’s development. I am convinced that the quality of the management, together with the resources now available, ideally positions the company on the path to success.”

Giovanni Perin


The De Bethune premises.


“Pierre being former CEO, especially during the time when the brand was doing exceptionally well, will lead it back to its former glory. It will “up and ups” for this exceptional brand and pioneer of the Independent scene”

Kevin Tan,

a serious collector who owns several De Bethune pieces and a big fan of the watches.


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  1. This is great news! I am delighted! I was so worried that De Bethune would not survive, which would have been a total disaster for haute horology. I very much hope that this new investment will ensure that De Bethune flourishes for years to come. They make some of the best watches in the world.