New: Swatch Big Bold Irony

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The popular Swatch Big Bold family of watches gets the stainless steel case and joins the Irony family with 5 novelties available now, and 5 more in September.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Swatch Big Bold Irony

The price for the new Swatch Big Bold Irony models in the first lauch are set at SGD 271 inclusive of GST. Available now at Swatch stores. We currently do not have the prices for watches in the Sept launch yet.


We have always been big fans of the Big Bold collection. From the original in resin to the bioceramic models, they have all been winners in our eyes, as we have waxed lyrical on the Big Bold Jelly and Big Bold NEXT. For the asking price, and the lifetime free battery replacement service at all Swatch Boutiques worldwide, it is a great value. We have also liked the Irony series, and were very positive when the Sistem 51 Irony was released in 2016.

And now with this latest release, two of our most favoured lines in Swatch come together and gave us the Big Bold Irony. The watches now have a bioceramic core in a sandblasted steel stainless steel case. The bioceramic plate, skeleton dial and straps come black (Dark Irony), azure (Azure Blue Daze), red (Red Juicy), turquoise (Mint Trim) and yellow (Bol-den Yellow).

A second release is planned for September 7, 2023, and will add three new watches with bright sun-brushed dials in turquoise (Aqua Shimmer), dark green (Forest Face), navy blue (Indigo Hour), amber (Amber Sheen) and burgundy (Scarlet Shimmer).

We are looking forward to seeing, handling and photographing the watches soon, and will revert with more.

Release information

Introducing the new BIG BOLD IRONY, the first stainless steel BIG BOLD with an urban twist

Created for bold explorers and those proud to be different, BIG BOLD embodies an attitude, a mind-set, and a way of life that is irreverent, confident, and entirely unexpected. This year marks the start of a bright new BIG BOLD chapter with two firsts: the first stainless steel BIG BOLD and the first time Swatch combines BIOCERAMIC with stainless steel!

Provocative and playful, Swatch loves to keep things fresh, relevant and challenge the norm. First launched in 2019, BIG BOLD is the epitome of the watch for urban streetwear and made a statement thanks to the oversized Ø47mm watch case. Since then, BIG BOLD has welcomed bright new styles and colorways, and featured BIOCERAMIC elements.

While stainless steel watches tend to result in understated designs, BIG BOLD IRONY is anything but. These timepieces are bold, confident, and daring talking points for the wrist.

First release of BIG BOLD IRONY: July 6, 2023

The first five watches make a confident statement with a post-modern mash-up of contrasting colors and materials. For the first time, a BIOCERAMIC core comes in combination with a stainless steel case, creating an amazing, angular, multi-level and high-tech look. On top, standout urban details do all the talking. The BIOCERAMIC plate, skeleton dial, and bi-compressed structured strap come in black (DARK IRONY), azure (AZURE BLUE DAZE), red (RED JUICY), turquoise (MINT TRIM), and yellow (BOL-DEN YELLOW). The sandblasted stainless steel case and crown look robust but weigh just 108 grams. For extra pop, the hands and index markers glow in the dark, and just like all BIG BOLD watches, the crown is positioned at 2 o’clock.

Second release of BIG BOLD IRONY: September 7, 2023

These BIG BOLD IRONY watches feature rich and metallic tones thanks to the high-profile sun-brushed dials, in five eye-popping shades that cannot go unnoticed: turquoise (AQUA SHIMMER), dark green (FOREST FACE), navy blue (INDIGO HOUR), amber (AMBER SHEEN), and burgundy (SCARLET SHIMMER). The sandblasted finishing on the case, crown and bracelet is a new treatment developed for Swatch and provides a rich, attention-getting, new matt appearance.

BIG BOLD IRONY will launch in two phases this summer: July 6, 2023, and September 7, 2023 on and in stores.



  1. J. Quincy Magoo on

    How is it that there are more and more “new” releases from a variety of “brands”, including swatch, and yet they are less available in stores than ever before? It lessens interest after awhile and comes across more as a publicity/marketing stunt rather than anything real, just more or less to keep the brand’s name out in front. Boring.

    • This one should be easy to find in the stores. This is not Moonswatch…:-), which to be fair to Swatch, is also becoming increasingly easy to get these days.

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