New: HYT Hastroid Blue Star

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HYT releases a 20 piece limited edition Hastroid Blue Star featuring a magnesium case with subtle metallic blue gradient.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: HYT Hastroid Blue Star

The retail price for the HYT Hastroid Blue Star is set at CHF 79,000 before VAT. Limited Edition of 20 pieces.


We have been covering the HYT maison ever since they first appeared in the scene 2012/13. We covered the release of the first generation H1 here. They have pioneering the use of a fluid system for time indication, and the H1 had the first retrograde time indication with fluorescent fluid circulating through a system of capillary tubes.

Over the next few years, they emblazoned their bold technology and vision on the relatively unsuspecting watch collecting public. With somewhat mixed success. Their H1, H2 were hailed as innovative, leading edge watches which push the envelope. The H1 was based on a Chronode movement, while the H2 featured a rather more expensive movement sourced from Renaud et Papi (now known as Audemars Piguet Le Locle). Then came the mind blowing H3, which was perhaps too far ahead of its time. Then came the H4, which was essentially a H1 with an innovative lighting strategy. We reviewed many of these early watches, including some artistic pieces like the Skull. We know many of our collector friends who sprang to own the H1 and H2 watches. We are not sure how many H3s were eventually delivered, and what were the issues of the day, but their innovation streak seemed to quell after the introduction of the H4. A change of management then saw them back track on the premium pricing strategy and released an “entry level” watch in the form of the H0. At the same time frame, they continued to release the H20, which was H2 movement but cased differently. Then in March 2021, the company filed for bankruptcy. However, in November 2021 under new ownership with Davide Cerato at the helm.

In the short span of taking over the company, Davide, formerly of Panerai, Tudor and Montblanc, have revamped the collection, and have introduced new models since early 2022. The new Moon Runner is one of the new pieces created, together with the Hastroid. Davide has since left HYT and now runs Bremont Watches in the UK.

In Singapore, Sincere Fine Watches continued to retail the watches from the early days and remain today. Today’s novelty is an extension of the Hastroid, now delivered in a magnesium case with a subtle metallic blue gradient for the case middle. The choice of magnesium was driven by a need to be different, as well as for the watch to be as lightweight as possible, given the huge watch dimensions of 48mm diameter, 17.20mm height and 52.30mm lug to lug.. Magnesium is very strong, but some 2.6 times lighter than titanium. And purportedly very difficult to machine. The entire case is manufactured in magnesium, and the crown a combination of blue magnesium and black titanium.

Other aspects of this release is similar to the existing models in the Hastroid collection. The movement and hence the display remains the same, safe for the colour choices. The movement is the Calibre HYT 501-CM , which was developed with Eric Coudray.

Release details

HYT unveils HASTROID Blue Star with electrifying finishes in a magnesium case. This limited edition of 20 pieces features a magnesium case with
a subtle metallic blue gradient.

Hyper-technical, sleek, electrifying – with the new HASTROID Blue Star, HYT yet again pushes the boundaries of materials used in horology. Nonconformists at heart, the pioneers of fluidic time chose magnesium for the case and a subtle metallic blue gradient for the case middle to give this new evolution a head start on modernity. Incredible lightness meets exceptional innovation.

The Hastroid’s case, with a diameter of 48 mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 52.3 mm, and a thickness of 13.3 mm, has so far been crafted from advanced noble materials: titanium; titanium and carbon; and an original alloy of stabilized bronze and carbon that bridges memories of the ages and aspirations for the future. 

As an incubator of the unprecedented in watchmaking, HYT thrives on challenges, on pushing the boundaries in the use of modern and unexpected materials. Hence this new limited edition of 20 pieces: HASTROID Blue Star. Watch cases are traditionally made from metals such as stainless steel, gold, titanium or aluminum. The use of magnesium is rare, and its unique properties make it interesting, too. Factoid: magnesium is 2.6 times lighter than titanium, yet extremely strong; at the same time it is extremely difficult to machine for watchmaking applications. A challenge HYT simply had to take on.

With its hues of electric blue, HASTROID Blue Star’s design defines its own codes, underlining the modern, just-at-the-cusp-of-tomorrow character of the whole. The magnesium case has a special finish with a multi-layer surface treatment, giving it a charged, energized vibe. The exterior shows a metallic blue gradient, darkening on the lugs and becoming lighter as it approaches the center of the case middle.

The dial, extensively redesigned to improve legibility, features a large central hand with an electric blue coating and sharpened contours for an instantaneous fix on the minutes. The two sub-counters, arranged like instruments in a cockpit, provide essential complementary information: small seconds at left; power reserve to the right. 

The same attention to aesthetics and legibility was applied to the fluid used for the retrograde time indication. The particular luminescence of the blue liquid achieved here ensures that the hours pop and are equally easy to read, by day and by night. For contrast and clarity, a capillary dial topped with white Super-LumiNova® is positioned under the fluidic light. The hour markers around the chapter ring are made from blocks of Super-LumiNova®. Water-resistant to 30 meters, the HASTROID Blue Star also features a central titanium container to protect the movement. Just a few of the technical features that hint at a depth of engineering that only enhances the appeal of this pioneering timepiece.

The openworked dial back and mainplate subtly reveal the components of the hand-wound mechanical movement. Designed by Eric Coudray for the HASTROID collection, the caliber’s distinctive aesthetic is further augmented thanks to modern finishes with elegant satin brushing and bead-blasting, that give a subtle edge to these treatments.

HYT Hastroid Blue Star Specifications