New: Casio Baby-G 25th Anniversary Replica

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Casio celebrates the Baby-G’s 25th anniversary with the reissue of a replica of the original. This is when replica is not a bad thing. Full details and specifications. The Casio GD-525-7D.

The logo for the Casio Baby-G 25th Anniversary

Many of us grew up wearing Baby-G watches. Ok…some of us are old enough to remember when they were first introduced. Yes, its some quarter century ago! Time flies. Casio re-issues the original Baby-G as a replica. A true tribute to the original. Introducing the Casio GD-525-7D.

The original Baby-G DW-520

In the early 1990s, at the time the Baby-G was introduced, Casio was already an essential in young men’s fashion. On the other hand, there was no such rugged watch for women, and more and more women were even wearing men’s-size G-SHOCK watches. This led Casio to develop a G-SHOCK that would fit the slimmer wrists of women. In 1994, Casio created the DW-520, the first Baby-G, which featured a smaller, lady-sized case and pop colours, while retaining the shock-resistance and toughness of G-SHOCK. This was the first step in the history of fashionable women’s digital watch that is both tough and cute, and clad in a surf fashion look that was popular among teenage girls. The launch of the DW-520 helped usher in the digital watch as a women’s fashion accessory. The name Baby-G takes the “G” from G-SHOCK and combines it with “Baby,” a term of endearment for a person one loves and holds dear.

Casio GD-525-7D dial

The Baby-G branding did not appear until the next model, the BG-100, which was released the following year. This was the true beginning of the Baby-G brand.

Casio GD-525-7D packaging
Casio GD-525-7D rear view

The Baby-G brand has become so popular that Casio will ship some 40 million units in 2019.

The new release will be called the BGD-525-7D and will look almost identical to the original.

The BGD-525-7D will be coming soon in Jan/Feb and will retail for S$139. Follow @babyg_sg on Instagram and CASIO BABY-G Singapore’s Facebook page for the arrival announcement of this limited edition piece!


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