Video: Casio G-Shock Absolute Toughness Test

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We subjected the Casio G-Shock GA-700 which we reviewed here last week to a battery of tests to find out how tough this watch is. Here is the full video: Casio G-Shock Absolute Toughness. 

The Casio G-Shock range is well known as a tough watch. Some say indestructible, but we won’t go to those lengths to prove that claim. What we did do was to subject our review sample, courtesy of Casio Singapore, to a battery of tests to see if these claims are defensible.

In our tests, we subjected the GA-700 to being frozen, to being thrown down a flight of stairs, to being driven over by a car, and put on a hot grill an have hot water poured over. The G-Shock survived it all. Running perfectly after each test. Although all told, it was not totally unscathed. The watch did suffer some small scratches. Chalk that up as patina and character.

And when it was being driven over by the car, the strap attachment at the lugs did break. And so would the wearer’s wrist if it was strapped on when the car drove over. The difference is that the watch’s broken strap was easily fixed with a new strap. Actually it was the lug pin which broke, and easily replaced. And the GA-700 continued to run without missing a beat throughout.

Watch the video here:



So did it pass the Absolute Toughness test? We say it did! With flying colours! This is one tough watch.


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  1. I wear a gshock daily at my welding shop. Temperature ranges from -40 to +35 c. On a daily basis my watch is subjected too far more strenuous use than your ‘battery ‘ of tests. Of oes manufacturer drops the watch from 10m maybe try mid than half way down some stairs.

  2. Some home video? Surely deployant can do better than an amatuerish video such as this? The watch was not even frozen! Stop wasting viewers time! This is the 2nd crap review video! Please improve.