MB&F HM4 Flying Panda for Only Watch 2011

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Max Bussser is an unusual talent in watchmaking. Not a watchmaker by trade, but makes watches for a living…His imagination is wonderful…almost child like, but always totally rooted in true business sense, however fantastical the idea.

MB&F HM4 Flying Panda for Only Watch 2011

In support of Only Watch 2011, he came up with the idea of typifying a child’s imagination to escape in the dream of flying…and the teddy bear symbolising childhood. But as his partner for this project is Huang Hangkang…a remarkable Chinese artist, the teddy bear is replaced with a flying panda. interesting. And very cool.

The panda is made by casting 18k white gold in a “lost wax” method. The cast panda is then worked by hand to create the details. Parts are then varnished, and the panda electro plated to produce the black accent marks.

Detail of the Panda, shown above. Cute isn’t he? I am tempted to give him a name…ok…my name for the flying panda – Po (as in Kung Fu Panda)

And the watch, shown in almost all directions…this watch is fascinating to photograph, because it is not the typically a flat disk…but totally a 3D sculpture. So cool, I cannot even begin to describe it. As usual, photograph is not photoshopped except for some levels adjustment and resizing. I did even not attempt to balance to colour.

My favourite…I can see the pic below…photoshop out the strap, add some fire from the “crowns” at the tips of the “rockets”. Hmm…like Santa on his high tech sleigh

p.s. some of these images may be reminiscent of the press photographs distributed by Max…but Max himself can testify…I met up with him this afternoon, we had a chat. I did my shoot. And then I saw the photographs in the press kit.

And a few photographs of Panda Master Max:


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