Special Report: Lange Zeitwerk for Auction to benifit a children charity

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Today’s feature is the special watch produced by Lange for the Kidz Horizon auction scheduled for 27 August 2011 in Singapore.

Please go here to read the Lange press release, and about Duncan Wang and Kidz Horizon.

I photographed the press release photographs, and here I release a few more photographs from the same session.

First the front photograph, licensed by Lange on a Royalty Free basis with third party rights.

This is a special licensing arrangement because Lange is using the photographs in their press kits, and would need permission to third parties – the press, webmasters, etc, to use the photographs freely. Normally this type of work would have been contracted as a “Works for Hire”, in which case Lange would be the owner of the copyright. But we agreed that this would be a special license, based on the Getty model for Royalty Free, but for me, as copyright owner to grant third party rights as well. I think this arrangement works, albeit a bit unusual.

Note that due to this arrangement, you may use the Lange licensed photographs without further permission in any situation. But for the out-take photographs, I maintain my full rights, and you will violate copyright if you reuse them. Please contact me if you would like to use those photographs.

Another Lange Press Photograph:

The beautiful L043.1 is shown off in the photograph above. Note the magnificent finish, typical of Lange.

Note also that typical with high end clients like Lange, who have a corporate colour signature to their photographs, the ones licensed to them have this distinct signature. While the out-takes do not carry this colour signature, as they are untouched from camera with the exception of resizing, and a little levels touchup. Here is an out-take.

This view shows the special engraving: “1/1” and “SGP 2011”. This makes this watch unusual because it is very rare for Lange to imprint on the watch a “piece unique” designation, where they have done here. Even more rare, to engrave the rear bezel with the city and country…in this case “SGP2011”.

A lifestyle photograph, showing the watch to good effect, part of the press package:

The main differences between this special piece unique Zeitwerk from the regular white gold Zeitwerk is as follows:

– The Piece Unique has a grey dial as opposed to the black dial fitted for the White Gold case.
– The “Made in Germany” mark on the grey dial is imprinted as part of the ring of the subsidiary seconds hands. In the regular Zeitwerk, it is engraved on the bottom, curved part of the Time Bridge.
– The special engraving on the case back.
– The regular white gold case has digital sub-dials in black arabic numerals on white background. The special watch has white arabic numerals on grey background.

An out-take I particularly liked, showing a side view of the movement…

I think the above will make a nice print, A2 or A1 sized. I will make them available in a special edition of 8 signed, and numbered prints in archival ink and paper. Please contact me if you are interested.

And a final out-take photograph, a wrist shot.

Interested parties to bid for this piece should contact Kidz Horizon, a local Lange representative, or email me.



  1. My email is on the copyright notice. Anyway, here it is: chongpATgmail.com (replace AT with @).

    Hope you come back and look at this post, otherwise don't know how to contact you.

  2. How would I be able to contact you for a copy of the prints? I'm having trouble locating your email address. Please get back to me if it is possible. Cheers.