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De Bethune: DB28, not just a pretty face.

by Peter Chong on June 6, 2011

The De Bethune DB28…amazingly beautiful watch.

The design is quite unique…the case is in the design language established by De Bethune. The watch shown is rose gold. The lugs, which are mobile and able to pivot to follow the shape of the wrists and its movements is a contrasting hue of flame treated blued titanium. The watch is also available with a titanium base, which is less visually arresting.

The finish is very good, the polished surfaces are magnificently done, both on the case and on the highly polished titanium dial. The watch glistens in the light, beckoning. The DB28 also features a 3 dimensional moon phase indication by means of a sphere made of platinum and blued steel.

Detail of the balance staff and silicon/platinum balance is built akin to a traditional tourbillon balance bridge, showcasing the triple parachute system.

More De Bethune watches to come. Including the DB25 Perpetual Calendar, the DB28T, and the Tourbillon Regulator.

Photonote: above photos is a stacked focus image made from 10 separate photographs, each with a tiny depth of field. The stacking is done beautifully by Helicon Focus.

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