Live from WWG24: new Angelus Instrument de Vitesse

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Next up, we are at Angelus and handled the novelties. Here is our live report on the Instrument de Vitesse from PalExpo. You see almost the same time as we do.

Live from WWG24: new Angelus Instrument de Vitesse

Retail price for the Angelus Instrument de Vitesse is set at SGD 26,400 including GST.

Angelus introduces their Instrument de Vitesse, a brand new collection. The inspiration is from the golden age of timed races. The watch is a monopusher chronograph with a dial which looks like it was taken from the dashboard of a vintage GT car. The centrally mounted chronograph hand makes one revolution in 1 minute.

Angelus proposes two expressions of the watch, both in a 39mm stainless steel case with either a black dial or ivory white. Both are limited edition of 25 pieces each.

The movement is the in-house A5000 chronograph. This is a new variant of this caliber.


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  1. J. Quincy Magoo on

    What a shame. A great vintage design and layout with a nicely executed movement, but then interest expires almost instantaneously upon seeing these knuckleheads so stupidly and outrageously price it to make it not worth it! And to make matters worse, there’s not even precious metal involved with it.