Live from WWG24: new highlights from Nomos Tanggante Datum

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New from Nomos this year, is the Nomos Tangente Datum, now in 31 different colours.

Live from WWG: new highlights from Nomos Tangente Datum

Nomos is the currently the largest watch manufacturer in Germany and the market leader in the EUR 5k price range. All manufacturing is done in-house in Glashütte. The novelty for this year is from their Nomos Tangente Datum (Tangente Date). This is an existing collection but now expanded with new colour compositions, combinations. The Nomos Tangente Datum has no set scheme, no framework or set pattern…making each combination completely different.

The Tangente Datum Nachtgesang as worn by Peter Kesselmann, Director of Sales at Nomos.

A total of 31 in all, creating 31 different models. Each limited to 175 pieces.

The Nomos Tangente Datum Super Sardine. A fun name for a watch which looks similar to our Deployant colour.

Price is EUR 175 less than the regular version, coming in at only EUR 1,925. Interestingly, this is the norm for Nomos. Limited Editions are cheaper than the non limited ones.

Tangente Datum Stop.

The movement is the in-house DUW 4101, hand wound movement with rather nice finishing.

More photographs and details on our IG @Deployant Stories and Highlights.


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