Live from WWG24: new highlights from Zenith

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Next up, live from Zenith booth in PalExpo. We handled the novelties, and here are our highlights.

Live from WWG24: new highlights from Zenith

As usual, we pick two of our favourites from this brief encounters at the Touch and Feel Sessions. Also as usual, we have more photographs on our IG @deployant Stories and Highlites. The new collection is from the Defy Skyline collection with novelties with Chrono, Diver, Revival and Pilot.

Defy Skyline Chrono

What is new is the new chronograph using the El Primero 3600 in the Defy Skyline. The DNA is the same as the other collections in the Defy Skyline series.

Retail price is CHF 12,900.

Defy Extreme Diver

A completely new line within the Defy Extreme collection. Titanium case, ceramic bezel with 600m water resistance. Interchangeable strap system with a new nylon strap made of 100% recycled fishnets. The watch uses 3 lume colours; orange for bezel, green for markers, and blue in higher brightness for the minute hand and triangle on the bezel. Retail is CHF 10,900 inclusive of 3 straps.

Defy Revival Diver

Retailing at CHF 7,400 is the Defy DNA on the A3642. This takes the design cues from both the parent series (Defy and the Revival) into one new watch.

Also shown here with an original shown right A3642 from 1969, where the new Extreme Diver takes part of its DNA from. On the right is the novelty.


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  1. No hate, but your wrist does seem to be quite small. Personally I don’t think these photos will be that good of a representation of what these watches are going to wear like for the average buyer.