Live from Baselworld 2019: Hublot

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Hublot explodes with lots of everything again this year!

We start with the new Sang Bleu 2 chronograph in the Unico movement now in two materials in Ti and King Gold. Same 45mm case with more facets on the construction. LE 209 pcs in Ti and S$33,000 and S$62,000 in gold LE100.

The Orlinski is now with new case size of 40mm Classic Fusion. Six references: with diamondset full pave, alternate pave and no diamonds in Ti and King Gold. Price range from S$15,100 to S$42,700. Shown below Ti and alternate pave. LE only for plain Ti in 200 and 100 for plain gold.

Next up, celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari: Big Bang fashion. 3 new models to represent the past (plat case yellow accents), present (3D carbon fiber with red accents) and future (sapphire crystal case). All with a frosted carbon fiber bezel. All limited to 90 pcs each. Priced at S$45,400 for Present, S$53,700 for the Past, and S$89,600 for the Future. Shown L-R in photo below.

And another Ferrari set, designed by Ferrari in the same manner as their cars. Starting from the frame which determines the shape of the car. In 45mm but wears really much smaller! Three versions: in Ti (LE1000) S$28,900, King Gold (LE500) S$51,000 and 3D Carbon Fiber(LE500) S$35,800.

Next a new Big Bang: the Unico Italian Independent. Ti case, carbon fiber and teal wood bezel and the strap from sailcloth. 45mm LE 100, at S$31,600 and comes with a matching pair of sunglasses.

Next the Big Bang Unico Chronograph WBC. Two versions one in green ceramic (LE100 S$37,200) and another in YG with green ceramic (LE50 S$51,000). WBC is an organization which supports retired boxers, sponsored by Hublot.

Then we have the Sprit of Big Bang Tourbillon. The first in 42mm. Case is frosted carbon fiber, 5 day power reserve. Equipped with the one click interchangeable strap system. Two version both LE 100 each, in black and blue black. S$124,100 for either.

Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Cricket World Cup. Celebrating the Cricket World Cup this year. Case in 45mm satin finished and polished Ti. LE 100 at S$ 22,500. The strap mimics the stitching of the cricket ball and the 12 marker signifies the cricket wicket.

Peter Chong
Live from Baselworld


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