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Live from Baselworld 2019: Grand Seiko

by Peter Chong on March 23, 2019

We are at the Seiko booth. And begin with the 20th Anniversary of the Spring Drive with four new watches with two new calibers.

All are handwound featuring double mainspring in a single barrel. The two new movements are 9R02 and 9R31. The 9R02 is equipped with the torque return system to give a power reserve of 84 hours.

From the left: the SBGZ001 with the 9R02 movement is LE of 30 pcs, plat case with a hand crafted finish, priced at €78,000 incl 20% VAT.

SBGZ003 in plat also with 9R02, not limited. €58,500. Both plat models are by the Micro Artist Studio.

The SBGY002 in YG, not LE with the 9R31 movement. €27,000.

The right most is an LE of 700 in SS, SBGY003. €8,200.

A new sport design series. Two chronograph GMT and one three hand.

The design is inspired by the GS lion. The case resembles the lion claws and the dial pattern by the mane. Sapphire bezel.

The two chronograph is the 9R96 movement. One in high intensity Ti LE 500 at € 13,700 and in RG LE 100 at €44,800

And the three handler uses the 9R15 movement, LE 509 pcs €11,200 in Ti.

Peter Chong

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