Live at WWG24: new from Ressence with live pics

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We close the day’s live activities with Ressence. The Maison released a new watch, the Type 1 Round which was released last year.

Live at WWG24: new from Ressence

The Ressence has a retail price of CHF 18,150 before tax. The price has increased from CHF 16.8k which was the release price in December 2023. Curiously, the price has increased since. Benôit Mintiens who is the designer emphasized that he has not increased the pricing for the Type 1 since 2018.

The novelty is a new dial expression of the Type 1 Round M which we covered last year, but this is the first time we are handling the new watch. Please refer to our coverage in 2023.

More pictures on our IG @deployant Stories and Highlites.


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