We are now on Watchicity!

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With the demise of Watchville, yes, it is being withdrawn as of tomorrow, October 31, 2022, we are now on Watchicity, a new but similar platform by our friends over at Watchonista.

Here is the announcement at Watchonista, for the full details of the story. And we are very happy to be a part of this new chapter in the history of watch journalism.

Image from Watchonista.

See you there! The Watchicity is available on their website here. And for mobile platforms, the app is available on Apple AppStore for iOS devices as well as on Google Play for those on Android. Alternatively, you can also point your browser’s RSS feed aggregator to us for direct access to our daily content.

Image from Watchonista.

We have been grateful to Hodinkee for their work at Watchville, and now am happy to be with Watchicity. We are also available All Watches for a while, and thanks to our reader Steven Rochlin for reminding us that.



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  2. A disillusioned Hodinkee reader on

    It’s a really shady move from Hodinkee to shut down watchville in an effort to funnel people into their app and monopolize the readership they have built using other outlets’ content.
    I’m glad that others are picking up the slack and I hope that this move will hurt Hodinkee in the long run.

    For a long time already, they’ve been sales people disguising as enthusiasts. This latest move is only yet another manifestation of that.

    I hope that Watchicity and Allwatchnews will do good SEO around “watchville alternative” and related terms and I hope that both efforts will prosper.