Watchscapes: The Citizen Chronomaster – new dial colours

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Regular readers are of course familiar with our greatest admiration for The Citizen Chronomaster, which we waxed lyrical over in our full review. For August, Citizen introduced three new models with the same washi paper dials, but now in intense, beautiful colours. In Red and Green as limited editions, and in a royal blue which remains in the permanent collection with the white we reviewed.

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The limited edition models are marked with the Eagle mark over “Chronomaster” on the dial. A gold Eagle medallion also adorns the caseback.

All three new products released this time feature a dial that expresses deep and beautiful Japanese colors with a unique texture of Japanese paper. Since ancient times, Japanese paper has been used in the manufacture of shoji (Japanese doors, windows or room dividers consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo). The washi is is transluscent and allows light to filter into the room, while maintaining privacy. Hence the use of washi to allow light to be transmitted through the dial to reach the photovoltaic power generation eco-drive is a fitting tribute.

The texture and fibres of the Japanese washi is clearly seen in this photograph. As is the intense deep ruby red of the paper.

The 200 piece limited edition in a deep green is “Shenpeki” (深碧). This is a strong deep green inspired by Japanese jade Ryokuhekigyoku.

Citizen AQ4020-54X with a deep green washi dial.

And the 200 piece limited edition in a beautiful deep red is known as Shinku (深紅). This is a bright, deep red. In ancient times, this colour is considered very attractive, and associated with wealth. Like the dark red crimson of saffron which is known by the Japanese as “Kinshiki”.

The Citizen AQ4020-54Z in the bright red washi dial.

The limited edition models are signified by a gold Eagle on the dial, and on the case back. The regular collection features a silver hued eagle.

And in the permanent collection, a non-limited model in a beautiful deep blue color. Interestingly, the non-limited blue dial version is more expensive by about US$375 (¥ 40,000). This is because the case is larger at 38.4mm instead of 37.5mm and comes with a Duratec α coating which 2 times harder than the normal Duratec coating used in the limited edition models. And also the sapphire glass has a more pronounced domed shape which Citizen says provides a clearer, stereoscopic view of the dial. The non-limited version also comes with lume on the indices.

The Citizen AQ4030-51L is in the permanent collection and in a beautiful blue washi dial.

All three models are equipped with the same Caliber A060 movement as in the model in our detailed review. This is an ultra high-accuracy quartz movement, with an accuracy deviation of no more than ± 5 second per annum. The movement also features a perpetual calendar with instantly jumping date. As a quartz movement, power is derived from light and not via batteries.

The case and band are made of Citizen’s original Super Titanium ™ * 2, which is light and highly resistant to scratches.



  1. The A060 is normally 10 SPY. The 4020 models have the eagle hallmark on the dial and case back; that denotes 5 SPY.