Throwback Sundays: Six Watches Recommendations for a Father’s Day Gift, from Our Archives

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Over the last few years, we have recommended various watches that we think are suitable as a Father’s Day gift. 

It’s the time of the year again, and for this week’s article, we will be selecting yet another six watches that we reckon will make excellent choices as a Father’s Day gift. The watches are selected based on various characteristics and styles that a father might potentially possess, and we try to cast the net as wide as possible to cover as many combinations as possible.

What have we selected? Let’s find out!


For the Sporty: Seiko Marinemaster MM300


The new Seiko Marinemaster MM300, with an alluring green dial.


We begin the article with the updated version of a crowd favourite: the Seiko Marinemaster MM300.

In this year’s Baselworld, Seiko launched a special edition of the Marinemaster MM300, known as the “Deep Forest”. As its nomenclature suggests, the watch features an alluring green theme. The shade of the colour, interesting, was inspired by the forests of the sub-tropical Yakushima Island.

The 44mm is powered by Seiko’s in-house Calibre 8L35, in which it is often touted as the “undecorated” version of Grand Seiko’s Calibre 9S55. This is also the same movement that is used in the previous MM300. The self-winding movement has a date display at the 3 o’clock position, as well as a decent power reserve of around 50 hours.

This is only limited to a production of 1,968 pieces, and it is priced at S$5,100. While its price point might be slightly steep, but we believe that this is definitely a robust and beautiful piece that is worth considering. Besides, who can resist that green dial and bezel?


For the Casual: Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm


The new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm. A simple but nice piece.


There are plenty of vintage reissues over the last few years, and most of them were actually rather popular with many collectors. This time, Hamilton had up the ante with the Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm – a reasonably priced military-inspired timepiece.

The new Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm is a timepiece that ticks all the right boxes. First, at 38mm, the timepiece is sized rather nicely. Next, the watch is based on the timepieces that were issued to American soldiers in the past – and that adds a nice touch to the story behind the watch. Finally, it does not have a date wheel, which gives the watch a really symmetrical look.

Powered by the ETA 2801-2 movement, the manual-winding timepiece features a power reserve of around 42 hours. In addition, with a competitive retail price of S$690, this Hamilton is certainly something that would get people sit up and do a double take on.


For the Cool: Bell & Ross BR-X1 White Hawk


The Bell & Ross BR-X1 White Hawk, inspired by the French term “Faucon Blanc“.


Bell & Ross is a brand that is often synonymous with cool. The watches, which were mostly inspired by aeronautical instruments, are iconic and unique. The new BR-X1 White Hawk is a testament to that.

The White Hawk, which was inspired by the term “Faucon Blanc“, represents the idea of dream and travel. This is the main theme of the watch, which had accents of white throughout the timepiece. Similar to its siblings in the BR-X1 series, the watch comes with its signature square case with rounded skeleton dial. The difference for this particular model is the use of a white ceramic belt that surrounds the sandblasted titanium case, as well as the use of colours (grey, white, and red) to bring out the intended effect of the colours from private jets.

Priced at S$28,800, the BR-X1 White Hawk is certainly a tad pricier than most of its counterparts. However, it definitely exudes a certain cool factor, and we think that it would be a good option for a dad who is always young at heart.


For the Stylish: Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatique


The ultra-thin Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatique.

A bold, masculine watch, the Bulgari Octo is a beautiful watch with great finishes.


When it comes to style, the Italians certainly know how to do it best. Bvlgari, which was founded in Rome and is currently headquartered there, is certainly no stranger to beautiful designs and exceptional styling.

The Octo is certainly a beautiful timepiece. The watch, which combines the use of octagons and circle, combines modern cues and historical architecture and design from various elements of Rome. In recent years, Bulgari took a step further with the Finissimo collection. The collection’s focus is to challenge the incumbents in making ultra-thin watches – even to the extent of crafting highly-complicated pieces such as the tourbillion and the minute repeater.

Our pick would be the Finissimo Automatique, which is a time-only watch. The watch is fitted with the Calibre BVL138 – a 2.23mm self-winding movement with a power reserve of around 60 hours. It is a very sleek timepiece, with an incredibly stunning design. The finishing is done very well too. It is priced at S$17,700 (with alligator strap), and we think that is a perfect piece for a dad who is constantly rocking the suave look.


For the Versatile: Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V


Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4700 in steel, with a gorgeous blue dial.


When it comes to luxury sports watches, the popularity of Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas slightly trails behind Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak. However, that might have changed since the Geneva-based watch manufacturer revamped the Overseas line-up back in 2016.

The new Overseas is certainly a game-changer. Besides its good looks and impeccable finishing, the watch is also known for another quality: versatility. One of the highlights of the new Overseas is its quick strap change mechanism, which allows users to easily change the strap of their timepiece. It is done by unlatching the tab on the reverse side of the case, and the strap can be either attach or remove seamlessly. The best part is that the watch comes with three different strap options together (in metal bracelet, rubber strap, and leather strap), so the user can switch between the straps and pair it accordingly to their preference.

The base model of the Overseas – which comes with an additional date function – is priced at S$30,800. It is actually good value for money, considering that you are actually getting three watches for the price of one. What more can you ask for?


For the Corporate Bigwig: Cartier Tank Cintrée


The 3 variants of the Cartier Tank Cintrée.


Finally, we round up the article with something classic: Cartier Tank.

Last year, the Tank celebrated its 100th birthday. It was first created by Louis Cartier in between 1916 and 1917, and the piece was inspired by the Renault tanks that were used during the war. Over the years, many iterations of the Tank were produced – each with a distinctive design and unique characteristic. There aren’t certainly many collections that can match the Cartier Tank on such scale and longevity.

The Tank Cintrée is one the latest to join the family. The watch, which features an elongated curved case, is simple and yet elegant on the wrist. It also features a beautifully crafted dial, with contrasting colour schemes to bring out the looks of it. The watch, in addition, is fitted with a JLC-based hand-winding movement. The combination is brilliant, and the various characteristics certainly points the Cintrée back to its roots.

The retail priced of the watch is priced at S$28,300 for the gold versions, and S$32,600 for the platinum variant. The Tank Cintrée, in our opinion, is certainly a beautiful work of art – and it is definitely a conversational timepiece that would pair nicely with any suit or corporate wear.


Concluding Thoughts


For this week’s article, we have tried to cast the net as wide as possible to cover a range of watches that might suit different fathers, who might have different preferences and personalities.

One particular piece that stood out, amongst the six watches, is the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm. Not only is the timepiece that most reasonably priced one in the list, but we reckon the entire package is rather appealing to many. It is sized nicely, and the vintage touch certainly adds a nice dimension to it. In addition, the watch is fitted with a manual-winding movement. For someone who likes watches, the Hamilton is certainly an easy piece to fall in love with.

The other pieces that we have selected are excellent options too, although they are really skewed towards a particular characteristic that a father might possess. The dressier Cartier Tank is certainly an apt choice for a father who is working in the corporate world, while the Bulgari Octo will definitely appeal to someone who is stylish in terms of his fashion sense.

So, what are some of the watches that you have bought for your father over the years? Also, what are some of the watches that you think deserves a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have sent it to the family in the hope that they’ll get me something more than a clock app.

    Out of all the suggestions, the Overseas appeals the most, followed by Hamilton. I still can’t get my head around liking Cartier!

  2. So if your father is gay, and wants a pink overpriced POS watch, how the hell did you get created? Maybe dad can sell it for half of the price and buy something he actually wants.