Throwback Sundays: Six Watch Recommendations for a Casual Long Weekend Holiday, from Our Archives

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Long weekends – who does not like them?

Many definitely treasure the long weekends. Most of us take the rare opportunity to do something that we like, such as taking a short trip, catching up with friends, or even simply just lazing at home with a book or a good movie.

Naturally, when it comes to watches, we will tend to wear something simple or casual as well. Nothing too fanciful or with complication. So, what are some of the watch recommendations that we have chosen for the long weekend? Let’s find out!


Swatch Irony Sistem51


The Sistem Fly is one of the six pieces from the new Sistem51 Irony collection.


The first watch that we have today is the Swatch Sistem51 – a watch that combines fun, and an interesting horological story behind it.

As some might have known, Swatch is a portmanteau of “second watch”. It is meant to be a fun and casual timepiece for the weekends, after a supposedly tiring week where one is constantly dressed up and spending most of his or her waking hours doing work. But Swatch watches in the past do not appeal to many collectors, simply because it is mostly fitted with a Quartz movement. But it all changed when Swatch launched the Sistem51. The watch is revolutionary, in which the movements are completely manufactured by machines, and it requires only one screw to hold all the components. It has a respectable power reserve of around 90 hours as well.

The prices for the new Irony Sistem51 collection begins at S$279, and there are multiple designs for the collectors to choose from. It is certainly an interesting piece to add into one’s collection, especially if one is looking to dress down on a long weekend.


Casio G-Shock GA-700


The Casio G-Shock GA-700. An unbelievably durable and robust timepiece.


The Casio G-Shock is an iconic watch, and one that is often synonymous with quality and robustness. The latest addition to the line-up, GA-700, certainly embodies the values of G-Shock rather brilliantly.

The GA-700 combines both digital and analogue display, featuring a multitude of functions. It includes a stop-watch, world-time display, an alarm – to name a few. The watch comes with a rather tough look as well, which includes a rugged bezel, as well as tough button guards to the bold buttons around the case. It certainly has the G-Shock DNA, and its functionality is a plus-point as well.

Priced at S$169, we feel that the G-Shock GA-700 is an extremely reasonably priced timepiece. It is robust, and its features are definitely useful. This is certainly a good watch to take along for a short trip over the long weekends.


Seiko Automatic Divers PADI Edition SRPA21


The Seiko Automatic Divers PADI Edition SRPA21, featuring the “Pepsi” bezel.


Next up, we have another iconic timepiece from an iconic watch manufacturer. Cue the Seiko Automatic Divers PADI Edition, which is based on the legendary Seiko “Turtle” Diver Watch.

The watch, which was launched in last year’s Baselworld, is a collaboration between Seiko and PADI. PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. It is interesting that both these entities have started serving the diving industry back in 1965. The watch, which comes with a red and blue “Pepsi” colour scheme, pays homage to PADI’s corporate colours.

Powered by Seiko’s self-winding Caliber 4R36, the PADI Diver’s Watch boasts a decent power reserve of around 41 hours. Its case, as well as the bracelet, is robustly constructed as well. Finally, at a price of S$667, this Seiko offers both divers and collectors a well-built timepiece, and one at a decent price point. Definitely another great casual watch for the long weekends!

Ball Engineer II Volcano


The Ball Engineer II Volcano, cased in Mumetal.


An often underrated and overlooked brand, Ball has been under the radar for many. But do not rule them out – Ball is known to produce robust timepieces, and of course their signature bright luminescence as well.

The Engineer II Volcano is one of the pieces that had caught our eyes in recent times. The watch, fitted with an unusual case that is made from Mumetal, has a unique design and features anti-magnetic properties (of around 1,000 Gauss). It complements the dark grey dial very well, and the red accents on the dial certainly adds an interesting touch to the timepiece as well. Additionally, the tritium tubes give the watch a brilliant glow in the dark as well.

The watch is fitted with the automatic Caliber BALL RR1102-C, in which it is Chronometer-certified and has a decent power reserve of around 38 hours. It comes with a retail price of S$3,980, and it is certainly great to go with any casual wear during the break at the end of the week.


Sinn EZM12


The Sinn EZM12 – possibly the ultimate tool watch.


Over the years, Sinn is known to produce exceptional tool watches – both the U1 and U2 are great testaments to that. However, beyond those models, many people are unaware of the other wonderful watches that this Frankfurt-based manufacturer is producing. One of them is the EZM12, from the Einsatzzeitmesser collection.

The Einsatzzeitmesser collection, or EZM for short, is a collection of tool watches that are designed specifically for certain industries.  Interesting the EZM12, which is the latest addition in the collection, is produced specially for rescue operations. The watch comes with multiple functions, such as an inner and outer rotating bezel for timekeeping, a pulsometer, and a day-date function. In addition, the watch comes with brilliant luminescence for its indices and hands, and its parts (such as the strap and bezel) can be easily removed for sterilisation. The attention to detail is amazing.

The EZM12 is very robust in its construction as well. Similar to most of Sinn’s watches, the EZM12 is cased in TEGIMENT Stainless Steel, in which it is multiple times harder than conventional stainless steel that other watch manufacturer uses. In addition, it features a dehumidifying capsule, and a depth rating of around 200 meters. The watch is set to retail at US$3,340 (about S$4,700).


TAG Heuer Autavia


The Autavia, in two different strap variants.


Wrapping up today’s article, we have the TAG Heuer Autavia, fresh from this year’s Baselworld.

The Autavia, which is a contraction of both the words “Automobile” and “Aviation”, is a watch that combines a rotating bezel and a chronograph together and was launched in 1962. The concept was simple, but it had vastly improved the functionality of the timepiece. Back in the day, there were 4 different bezel configurations, in which the user can choose and select the one that fits their need perfectly.

In the remake version, the new Autavia comes with a 12 hour bezel. There are several changes between the remake and the original version, which includes a larger case (at 42mm) and an automatic movement (instead of a manual-winding one). Some notable characteristics that remain includes the contrasting “reverse panda dial”, as well as the fonts and detailing on the dial itself. It is certainly a nice watch, and the use of a modern movement (Caliber Heuer 02) improves the functionality of the watch as well.

Retailing at US$4,900 (approximately S$6,798), the Autavia is the priciest timepiece in today’s article. However, there is this old charm about the watch, and we believe that it’d be an excellent addition to any watch collection.


Concluding Thoughts


In this week’s article, the watches that we have selected are much more modest, with at least four pieces that are below the price point of S$1,000. We feel that during the long weekends, it is time for something different from the corporate world – hence, the choice of going for a simple, yet fun and interesting timepiece.

Do you agree with our selection today? What are some of the watches that you will wear for a long weekend holiday? Let us know in the comments section below!



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  1. Which watch besides the Seiko, Swatch and G shock is below $1000? Please justify or amend your article.