Breaking News: Dominique Renaud launches new brand

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We interviewed Dominique Renaud in his role with HYT Watches last year, and were allowed a peek into the genius of the man who started Renaud et Papi with Gulio Papi in 1986.

The team of Renaud and Papi was instrumental in the building of the IWC Grande Complication in 1990. Many horology historians record that the Grande Complication was to be the turning point for IWC, revitalizing it to as a major watchmaking brand.

Dominique sold all his shares in Renaud et Papi in 2000 and retired (sort of retired…his fertile mind never far from thinking about watchmaking)to the South of France. The company have had Audemars Piguet own a controlling share of 51% since 1992, and as Dominique leaves, AP increased its stake to 78%. The company was renamed Audemars Piguet (Renaud et Papi) in short APRP, and continues to make cutting edge movements till today, supplying complicated movements not only to AP, but notably to Richard Mille and to many other maisons.

Dominique returned to haute horlogerie in 2013 with some skunkworks styled projects with high complications content. And in late 2014, started his collaboration with HYT Watches. And now he comes up with his own brand, carrying his own name: Dominique Renaud.

Dominique says, “The realization of my dream of creating Dominique Renaud SA today allows me to express my ideas without constraints, with full freedom in a pioneering spirit. This first concept watch, the DOMINIQUE RENAUD DR 01 TWELVE FIRST, is a response to the request from all lovers of mechanical watches for a new mechanical spectacle of a beating heart! The watch will be available in 12 unique prototypes, finished according to their owners’ wishes. We want to find alternatives to industry standards and create fresh and innovative concepts. My wish is to inspire more pioneers to embark on their own Watch Odyssey! It’s just the beginning of the journey. Everything can still be reinvented”.


Teaser photograph of the DR 01 TWELVE FIRST almost showing the entire case in profile.

Teaser photograph of the DR 01 TWELVE FIRST almost showing the entire case in profile.


Watch this space as we release information on the new Dominique Renaud watch. We have had a glimpse, and it is unlike anything we have ever seen. We will be bringing you the breaking news with photographs over the next two weeks.