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Having recently graduated from school, I mark a new chapter in my life with the start of work last week. It still takes a little getting used to corporate life as well as the demands of it. This is where you start missing the carefree days of having the flexibility to do whatever you want at any time.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy going to work, meeting new people and learning new things each day but what I also look forward to is the opportunity to spot watches at work. My work area is situated near Raffles and every lunch time, I cannot help but notice my surroundings and spot watches.

I always had the belief that going to work means having to dress modestly, including the choice of watch. Well unless you are the boss, you would not want an awkward situation in the elevator where your boss sees you wearing a Lange while he’s wearing a Seiko to work. To that, I decided to do my own observations and pick out the top three watches I spotted during lunch or work hours and see if they fall within the category of being discreet in nature.

Let’s find out the Top 3 timepieces I spotted at work.


  1. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6

One of the more popular brands among the working crowd, Tag Heuer has always managed to appeal to a large audience due to the wide selection it offers in terms of having different collections. To be honest, I was not surprised spotting a gentleman wearing a watch from the vintage Heuer series, the iconic look of the watch is inspired by the rich history Tag Heuer shares with motor sport.



The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6


The Carrera Calibre 6 is COSC-certified and is powered by an automatic movement that lasts for around 44 hours. The aesthetics of the watch appeals very much to the working adult who wants to look elegant but also remain discreet at work. The color combination of red, blue and silver gives the watch a vintage look and one of the more captivating features of the watch are the hour markers.

The hour markers are well-polished and complements well with the polished faceted hands that have been coated with luminescent material to allow for greater legibility in darker conditions. The case measures at 39 mm which puts it, by today’s standard, pretty small in size and this makes it ideal for use as a dress watch. In addition, it allows for a better fit on the wrist thus making it a popular choice given both characteristics and also price.


  1. Omega Constellation Co-Axial 27 mm

Since 1982, the Omega Constellation collection has remained popular with the ladies due to its sleek and elegant design along with its easily-identifiable “Griffes” or claws. The Omega Constellation Co-Axial 27 mm is an ideal fit for ladies and the model spotted was the red gold on steel version of the collection.


The updated version of the Omega Constellation "Pluma".

Shown here is the Omega Constellation “Pluma”, featuring the same characteristics as any Constellation model with diamond indexes and claws.


The model spotted featured a dial engraved with white mother-of-pearl that is decorated with a wavy pattern and the hour markers are made of diamond except for the three o’clock position where a date window is positioned. The casing is made of stainless steel and it features an 18K red gold bezel that is certainly captivating and gives it an elegant look. Like other Constellation timepieces, the watch is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial Calibre 8520 movement.


The movement is unique because it is designed and built entirely in-house, uses the co-axial escapement mechanism and features a free sprung-balance system that makes use of a silicon balance-spring which helps it to achieve greater performance in terms of quality and chronometry of the movement. This is no doubt one of the more popular choices amongst ladies and spotting a few of it around my workplace was of no surprise; it is beautifully-designed, sleek and discreet. It is definitely fit for purpose in terms of functionality for work and also not catching too much attention at work.


  1. Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days – 47 mm

Panerai watches are known for their functionality and minimalist design which appeals to most working adults. Another drawing point is the fact that it is a pretty versatile watch and can match easily with any dress code.

For this model which I have spotted, the number “1950” represents the year where the iconic level device protecting the crown was designed. Like any other models in this collection, the casing measures at 47 mm and is made of polished steel. The black dial is looks simple in design and features luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers that helps to enhance visibility in dark conditions.


Panerai Lum

A reference picture for a Luminor Marina model.


The watch is powered by the Panerai P.3001 calibre movement, executed entirely by Panerai and is characterized by its hand-polished beveling. The movement features a power reserve of 72 hours and is visible from the power reserve indication on the back. With the P.3001 calibre, the hour hand can be moved forwards and backwards in steps of exactly an hour.


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