Six Watches as Gift Ideas for Christmas, from Our Archives

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Christmas is around the corner again, after a pretty eventful (or uneventful, depending on your perspective) 2021.

For watch enthusiasts and collectors, nothing makes us more happy to receive a timepiece during this festive period. Interestingly, some of us would also want to purchase a timepiece as a gift for our loved ones – as a subtle way of influencing them to take on this hobby of ours 🙂

So, with the festive season coming up, we think that this might just be the right time to introduce some watches as potential gift ideas for your last-minute gift shopping trip. We have categorised them into different price points, to fit into the possible budget ranges that one might have. What have we selected? Let us find out!

Swatch Sistem51

We begin the article with the Swatch Sistem 51.

The Sistem51 debuted in 2013 with much fanfare – it is touted as the first mechanical watch to be manufactured by machines in entirety, with the use of only 51 parts (hence, the nomenclature). Bearing these points in mind, the watch also boasts a power reserve of 90 hours. It is a groundbreaking timepiece for sure.

The 42mm Sistem51 is a great introductory piece to anyone who does not own a mechanical timepiece, and we think it is really ideal as a gift for the younger ones to get them started in this hobby of ours. There are numerous variations around, with prices of the watch starting at S$223.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Next, we have arguably one of the highlights in the horological world in 2021. Cue the incredible Tissot PRX Powermatic 80.

It is difficult to find a modestly-priced timepiece that ticks all the right boxes, but it appears that the PRX Powermatic 80 has fulfilled most of the criteria. The 40mm features the great self-winding movement with an autonomy of 80 hours, as well as a stamped tapisserie dial and integrated bracelet. The entire package is brilliant, and at a price point of S$950, it is certainly a winner for us.

Regardless of whether the recipient is a seasoned or novice collector, the PRX Powermatic 80 is a timepiece that will surely bring smiles to their faces. It is a watch that is difficult to go wrong with.


NOMOS is an interesting brand, with a series of incredible and intriguing watches that focuses a lot on Bauhaus-inspired design cues.

The Tetra is one of our picks, with its unusual square case. In addition, the Petit Four editions are worth a second look, especially with its striking quartet of four different dial colours. This definitely adds vibrancy into any watch collections, and it certainly helps to accentuate one’s style and fashion sense.

Priced at S$2,950, the 29.5mm watch is a great gift idea – especially for the ladies. It is also fitted with the manual-winding Caliber Alpha, which adds the cherry on top of the cake.

Hanhart 417 ES

For regular readers of Deployant, the Hanhart 417 ES might be a timepiece that one would expect to be on this list.

It is difficult not to include this Hanhart in today’s article. The 42mm is a handsome timepiece, with the bi-compax layout and classic design cues that trace its original roots back to the 1960s. In addition, the watch is also fitted with the reliable Sellita SW510M movement, where the manual-winding caliber features a respectable power reserve of around 58 hours.

The watch retails at €1,840 (approximately S$2,845), and we reckon it really offers a great value proposition. Similar to the Tissot PRX Powermatic, the Hanhart is also another timepiece that will appeal to many collectors.

Tank Must de Cartier

The Cartier Tank is a quintessential piece in any watch collection, and the new Tank Must de Cartier is certainly a very compelling option indeed.

Featuring the iconic Tank design, the Must de Cartier variant revisits the classic conventions of luxury. This series has something for everyone – with self-winding and quartz/solar movement, to dial variants that cover both the original design and the more artisanal/art deco ones. Notably, the trio with monochrome colours (in red, blue, or green) is perhaps one of our favourite variations with its striking appearance.

For enthusiasts, the mechanical Tanks are definitely the way to go. The XL Tank Must de Cartier – with the Caliber 1847 MC – is priced at S$5,100. This is a tasteful watch, and it is a brilliant option especially if the gift is meant for a special someone.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

We round up the list with another perennial classic: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.

The JLC Reverso is a classic, with a design that dates back to the 1930s. What is special, besides the watch’s provenance and pedigree, is the special reversible case. For most models, the reverse side features a blank solid case back, which many have used to engrave special messages. For a personalised gift, it does not get better than this.

Prices of the Reverso begin at S$8,300 for the mechanical version. If one is looking to give something different this year, we reckon the Reverso might be the timepiece that you are looking for.

Concluding Thoughts

It is not easy to buy a gift for someone, especially if that person holds a significant role in your life. There must be numerous thoughts that must be included into the decision-making process, amongst a host of many other considerations as well.

We hope that our selection – which covers a range of price points and designs – has helped a little. Timepieces are a great choice as gifts, and we reckon that some of these modestly-priced watches (the first few pieces on the list) actually work really well.

Let us know your thoughts, as well as some of the other watches that you have bought/received as gifts in the past. Till the next article, ciao!


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