Seiko & Zero Halliburton: a new collaboration as an extension to the Presage Sharp Edged Series

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The Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series collection is extended with the introduction of three new watches designed in collaboration with Zero Halliburton. The new watches are inspired by the brand’s next-generation “Pursuit Aluminum Series“. The limited edition watch captures the refined artistry and practicality that underpin both series.

Seiko Pressage Sharp Edge Series Zero Halliburton Limited Edition

Three new models are released with this announcement: two with GMT and one hour/minute/seconds watch. The two GMT watches feature a power reserve indicator and a 24 hour GMT hand and is available either as a black dial or a white dial, and both feature a two tone bezel in black and a special blue used in the luggage’s “Pursuit Aluminium Series”.

  • SPB269J1, [ Caliber 6R64 ], Limited edition of 2,000
  • SPB277J1, [ Caliber 6R35 ], Limited edition of 2,000
  • SPB271J1, [ Caliber 6R64 ], Limited edition of 600

Availability for all three models is February 2022. At time of posting, the recommended retail price is not availalbe.

The three hand watch carries a date display and is powered with the Caliber 6R35, while the two GMT watches the Caliber 6R64. All movements are automatic winding. The 6R35 runs at 21,600 bph with a power reserve of 70 hours, and the 6R64 runs at 28,800 bph with an autonomy of 45 hours.

Inspired by Zero Halliburton’s iconic aluminum case, Seiko Presage presents three new watches with GMT in this collaboration. The models incorporate an aluminum bezel with 24-hour markings. And special motif on the dial which is a reference to Zero Halliburton’s iconic “double-ribbed” pattern. This design has been applied to Zero Halliburton products since 1946, with the expressed purpose to enhance robustness and durability. However, over time, the pattern is seen as a design element, bringing a signature of the brand. This double-ribbed pattern is reproduced on the dial and combined with the traditional Japanese hemp leaf pattern.

The rest of the watch case and bracelet feature a hairline finish which is consistent to that used in the Zero Halliburton cases. This brushed surface contrasts with the high polished ones in juxtaposition, which gives the overall look a 3 dimensional effect.

As a special feature of the collaboration models, the back of the watch is marked with “Limited Edition” and a serial number, while the glass is graced with the Zero Halliburton logo.

The watch is packaged in a Zero Halliburton polycarbonate case which is specially designed with the iconic double-ribbed pattern of Zero Halliburton. Interestingly, the case is in polycarbonate and not in aluminium, especially when the metal is the basis for the inspiration source – Zero Halliburton’s Pursuit Aluminium Series.


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