Revolo Watches followup: Kickstarter Chronograph

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In our article about Revolo Watches we gave you a brief introduction of Revolo’s first chronograph. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to generate the funds for adding watches with chronograph movements to the collection. Like the automatic or quartz watches, the chronographs will offer a wealth of choices with respect to dial, sub-dials, bezel, straps, hands and movements.



The new Revolo Chronographs will feature a higher-standard finishing, an optional domed crystal, and two movements options: the Rondo 5030D Quartz movement or the Swiss Concepto 7750 automatic chronograph movement, a 7750-alike automatic chronograph movement, produced by Concepto.



The retail price for the Quartz Chronograph starts at 395 euro while the retail price for the Automatic Chronograph starts at 1.645 euro up to approximately 1.800 euro. The Kickstarter price of the Quartz Chrono starts at 249 euro while the price of the Automatic Chrono starts at 899 euro.



The chrono dial comes in 2 dial versions, one with sub-dials at 6-9-12 and one with the traditional sub-dials at 3-6-9. The design versions with sub-dials at 6, 9 and 12, domed crystal glass, black and red colours are Revolo-unique designs. The chronograph dials looks balanced and is legible.





Our Thoughts about the new Revolo Chronograph

The new Revolo Chronograph offers, like its sister watches, value-for-money. The finishing has been brought at a higher level with its brushed case and polished angles. The watch fits comfortably. The pushers have sufficient resistance. The strap is now closer to the case. We are not familiar with the Concepto 7750 movement. However, if it operates as smooth as the ETA 7750, you should get a reliable movement.



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