Review: The HYT H20

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HYT releases two limited editions of the H20, each comprising 25 numbered pieces. One is in black and uses a bright green fluid for a stealthy look; the other has a silver-colored case and deep blue liquid. As with true HYT fashion, the watches are inventive and exceedingly eye-catchy, especially with the new case.

The concept for the case is in line with the H0 introduced last year. The H0 was based on the simpler Mojon movement, and the new H2O is based on the more complicated Renaud Papi movement.


HYT H20 in silver colored case with deep blue liquid.

The case and dial

The case uses 4435 stainless steel, with circular-brushed and polished finishes. On the black version, DLC coating is used on the steel. Just as the pictures suggest, the watch is by no means a small watch. It is sized at 51 mm in diameter and measures 19.95 mm in height. While some may feel put off by the numerical size, the watch wears smaller than it sounds, considering the use of an integrated lugs system, rather than the usual extended lugs which take up more wrist space.

A screw-down crown is placed at the ‘3 o’clock’ position, which appears on the upper top right of the HYT H20, considering that the dial has non symmetric hour indicator positions. A box domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating caps off the theatric dial. The watch is water-resistant to 30 metres.


The dial side reveals the gear train, setting mechanism, balance wheel and the two bellows which control the flow of the two fluids.


Time is displayed through a tube filled with two liquids, one colored and the other transparent. The release of the liquid is controlled by two bellows which pushes or releases the fluids. Upon completion of a full 12 hours cycle, the liquids restore to the original position in a retrograde action.


Box domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating raises the case profile to 19.95 mm.


A skeleton numerals ring lines the periphery of the watch, with each numeral filled with a white lacquered interior. The markers are crisp diamond-cut with the minutes hand with red print and white Super-LumiNova®. A “HNR” indicator hand with red print indicate the adjustment modes of the movement.


HYT H2O in black with green fluid.


The movement


8 days power reserve


HYT is famed for its innovative liquid time display. This is achieved using an all mechanic process that uses mechanical power in a pressure release system that pushes and pulls fluid through a tube. The transmission is achieved with the fluidic module by the conversion of rotation into linear movement using a cam-follower system. The manual winding mechanical movement beats at 21,600 vph, and has a 192 hour power reserve. For the H20, the movement is the H2 base created fory HYT by Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi.

Overall, the movement is well-finished, in both the front and back, with sandblasted titanium bridges, satin finishes and rhodium-plated bellows.


51 mm in size, but with integrated lugs, the watch appears smaller than expected on the wrist.


Concluding thoughts

The HYT H20 carries on the novelty of the hydromechanical watch. Although the scene stealer for this piece is truly attributed to the inventive case design and the use of the thick dome sapphire. Once again, HYT delivers an incredible product as an alternative to the saturated classic watch lines. That said, the design is arguably more esoteric and requires and acquired taste. The watch is a limited edition run of 25 pieces in each colour, and priced at US$95,000.


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