Review: Sinn 6012 Rose Gold Anniversary

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Sinn 6012 Rose Gold Anniversary

The new 6012 rose gold edition is a limited edition created to mark the 20th anniversary of the Frankfurt Financial District Watches in 1999. The rose gold limited edition is limited to 50 pieces and cased in 18K rose gold (not plated).

The case and dial

The Sinn 6012 is sized at 41.5 mm in diameter and 14.5 mm in thickness. The case is fully polished, with a 3 piece construction, namely the bezel, center case and turn fastened caseback. The straight bezel does not taper and is rather thin, which gives additional space for the dial. This is particularly useful for the positioning of the date rehaut. 

Considering that the base caliber is build on the valjoux 7750 ebauche, the case is unsurprisingly thick at 14.5 mm. This is likely because of the additional space required to add the day-month, date pointer and moonphase modules. 

The black dial is electroplated and finished with a sunburst decoration. It features a centre-mounted date hand, and a weekday and month display in the minutes counter sub-dial. At the 6 o’clock subdial, a moon phase display with mother-of-pearl moon discs sit within. Due to its unique, naturally occurring surface structure, mother-of-pearl creates a matt iridescent finish, which adds a subtle hint of elegance to the watch.

The hour markers feature appliqué indices coated with luminescent colour. The Hour and minute hands are also coated with a ‘patina colored’ lume.

The movement

The Sinn 6012 uses the Sinn SZ06 movement with a 60-second scale for the stopwatch minute, moon phase and full calendar display. In the rose gold limited edition model, DIAPAL – the lubricant-free anchor escapement is also used. It is said to reduce the wear and tear on the escapement and lengthen the servicing frequency for the movement. 

A step up from the regular 6012, the limited edition rose gold model also comes with a 5 years guarantee. An open caseback reveals the rotor engraved with the Frankfurt skyline. 

Concluding thoughts

The Sinn 6012 comes packed with Sinn’s famed engineering. Its push-pieces and crown uses its D3-System and its movement comes equipped with DIAPAL – the lubricant-free anchor escapement. Overall, the dial looks neat although tightly packed with information. For some, the limited edition of 50 pieces may sound attractive; however, between the stainless steel variant and the limited edition rose gold, the bracelet equipped stainless steel 6012 seems a better choice; mainly because of the price. Apart from the ‘rarity’ of a 50 piece limited edition and the use of a full gold case, it is difficult to justify shelving an additional Euro 10,700 for the gold variant. The stainless steel model is priced at Euro 4,250. 

At this pricepoint, one should expect to see a fully in-house movement, and/or a movement that looks less stockish from the back. The thickness due to the movement may also be a cause of contention for those more picky with classic watch sizes. 

The Sinn 6012 Rose Gold limited edition is priced at Euro 14,950 and comes in a box-set with 2 leather straps. 


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