Review: Romain Jerome Spacecraft- Batman

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RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft- Batman

Romain Jerome- the brand who put the arcade on the dial and revived Pacman and Alien Shooters, have now added another masterpiece to its foray. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, Romain Jerome introduces a new timepiece to this exciting collaboration. Part of the brand’s Collaborations collection, Romain Jerome captures the Dark Knight’s mythology and aesthetics in the new Spacecraft: Batman limited edition watch.


The jump hour indicator with blue luminescence.

Mirroring the finishing of the Batmobile, the facetted cap of the watch has been hand-brushed creating a unique finish to this timepiece, also known as RJ’s rough finish, with the iconic Bat-Signal engraved on the facet which is Batman’s first in RJ’s “Horological Icon” collection. The case measures 50 x 44, 5 x 32.85 mm in size and is made from black PVD-coated titanium.


Batman’s insignia carved on the PVD titanium case.

The hour display is a digital lateral display, not by a traditional prism and rotating disc mechanism, but with a retrograde jumping hour indicator. The hour indication is made legible via a blue indicator coated in Superluminova C1. Its display is set on a metallised lateral sapphire crystal. At the horizontal plane side of the watch, the minute indicator is featured on a dragging minute black rotating disc with a striking blue cursor.


Caseback reveals the serial number of the 75 pieces limited edition.

The Spacecraft: Batman features a unique self-winding mechanical movement. Exclusively developed for RJ-Romain Jerome by Geneva-based manufacturing facility Agenhor, it combines four different complications: lateral, linear, jumping and retrograde – which is unprecedented. The 54 jewels movement contains a 38 hours power reserve and beats at 28,800 vph. The watch is a limited edition of 75 pieces.

Exclusive to this collaboration, a black and blue buffalo leather cuff embraces the unique shape of the timepiece.

So what do we think of the watch?

The human mind is bound to compare, and the first few pieces that came to mind were the MB&F HM5 Carbonmacrolon and the more recent MB&F HMX. While we remain divided on who is the better watch, mostly due to differing tastes with regards to aesthetics, let us evaluate the arguments.


The MB&F HM5

Two of the four variants, each with a different colour detailing viz British Racing green and Bugatti blue. The other two colours available are Lotus black, Ferrari red.


We agreed almost unanimously that the Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Batman has the better movement; by virtue of its unique digital hour display with a linear jumping hour and retrograde mechanism on a lateral plane. The MB&F counterpart uses a more traditional horizontal disc hour movement made lateral with the help of a prism reflection. If one is looking for a more modern jumping hour movement then the RJ wins. That said, if one has a predilection for a more vintage style, given that the MB&Fs’ rotating hour disc display is inspired by vintage motorsports timepieces, then the HM5 and HMX are better choices.

MB&F HMX through the top covers showing the movement and the colour detailing. This oen is in Bugatti blue.

MB&F HMX through the top covers showing the movement and the colour detailing.

On design and looks, some of us prefer the MB&F offerings, in particular the HMX for the more sleek design, and the see-through engine display. It wears smaller on the wrist in comparison and has a more tapered case. Nonetheless with regards to design, we stand divided. The Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Batman has a very well-crafted top case. The angle facets, rough finishing and titanium PVD case looks particularly stunning despite its ‘low-key’ stealth look.

In terms of price and value for money, the HM5 scores the least with a list price of SGD 88,000. The HMX and RJ Spacecraft-Batman have a smaller spread, at SGD 47,600 and SGD 42,900 respectively. The RJ wins on pricing.


The RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Batman on the wrist

Considering the above factors, the writer casts his vote in favour of the Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Batman. For reasons that it has a more interesting movement, and a certain savageness in the design that makes it more palatable- a matter of personal preference nonetheless. And to end on a lighter note, we should not forget the fact that he is a DC fan.

The Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Batman retails at USD 32,950 or SGD 42,900


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