Review: The MB&F Black Badger HMX with added glow power!

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At Baselworld 2016 an unusual sight was observed at the MB&F booth.  Numerous watch journalists armed with phones/torchlights were seen on their hands and knees beneath the table to view the latest HMX.   Why you ask?  For the latest HMX, MB&F collaborated with Canadian born and Swedish based luminous material guru, James Thompson aka The Black Badger.  We review the MB&F Black Badger HMX.

The first iteration of the MB&F HMX was released in 2015 was released as apart of the 10th anniversary of MB&F.  It was priced at S$47,800 which was near the cost price to produce the timepiece. This was done as a thank you by Max Busser to collectors for their support given to MB&F.  When the Black Badger HMX was unveiled at Baselworld, MB&F were very open in disclosing the price difference between the new release and the first HMX.

The new MB&F Black Badger HMX looks very similar to the first HMX but it has been tweaked to give it some “Glow”.


mbf-hmx-bb-3 MB&F Black Badger HMX

The three new limited edition MB&F Black Badger HMX pieces


The case and time telling discs

The Grade 5 titanium and stainless steel case is the same as the first HMX.  The MB&F HM5 had the look of a Lamborghini Miura.  Personally the author thinks the back part of the HMX case where the crown is located, looks like the back of a split window Chevrolet Corvette.  Visible through the top sapphire crystal are the two “Rocker” covers complete with oil caps for the engine of the watch. This is where the Black Badger HMX is differs from its older brother.  James Thompson aka The Black Badger added his personal touch to the HMX by using his signature “Glow” aka uber Lume!  He collaborates with a company called Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) who produce the luminous blocks in numerous colours for Black Badger. The colours Radar Green, Phantom Blue & Purple Reign were used for the “Rocker” covers and they emit a strong glow after a charge from the sun or other light source.


mbf-hmx-bb-purple MB&F Black Badger HMX

The MB&F Black Badger HMX Purple reign with its “Rocker” covers not charged up.


With the “Rocker” covers charged up, we have mega glow!  The Black Badger AGT enhances the legibility of the time at night for the wearer, emitting its luminous glow which further illuminates hour and minute discs .  These will definitely be a conversation starter especially if you are wearing one while in a movie theatre or going to a restaurant at night.



After a charge from a light source the MB&F Black Badger HMXs grow brightly.


There are no conventional hands for the HMX.  The time is read off two separate discs.  A bi retrograde jumping hour indicator on the left and trailing minutes disc on the right which are located on the top of the movement.  These are reflected 90° and magnified by two sapphire crystal prisms that project the display to the front of the vertical display which is covered by a sapphire crystal.

This is designed with driving in mind, so that the wearer can glance at the time, with his/her hand on the steering wheel.



The MB&F Black Badger on the wrist.


The sports car/racing car lines of the titanium and stainless steel case.



The sleek lines of the MB&F Black Badger HMX.


The movement

The base movement is a Sellita automatic with the jumping hour and trailing minutes module developed in-house by MB&F.  It has a power reserve of 42 hours.  Visible through the sapphire caseback is the gold rotor.  In the centre  rotor are the Black Badger and MB&F logos.



The back of the MB&F Black Badger HMX


Concluding thoughts

MB&F timepieces have always oozed the cool factor, whether it is a timepiece from the Legacy Machine line or their Horological Machines.  The MB&F Black Badger certainly has cool and additional glow factor from the Black Badger AGT Ultra giving one hell of a glow!  Pairing the three timepieces with matching partially perforated calfskin straps that have the same colour as their respective glows is a nice touch.  The three pieces in Radar Green, Phantom Blue & Purple Reign are limited to 18 pieces each and are priced at S$78,600.  We think with the magic glow dust sprinkled by Mr Thompson, these will not be sticking around for too long.  Plus how cool is it to say your timepiece, made journalists at Baselworld 2016 get down on their hands and knees to view its luminous power!


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