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Review: The MB&F Sherman Table Clock with photos

by  on February 2, 2016

MB&F and L'Epée

Complication / Type of Watch

Sherman Table Clock with 8 day power reserve

Recommended Retail Price

Limited edition of 200 palladium (plated) pieces & 200 gilded pieces (goldplated) CHF 13,800.
50 diamond-set gilded pieces with 735 high quality VVS diamonds CHF 33,000.


- A great looking table clock that brings a smile to the owners face
- 8 Day Power Reverse
- Signature MB&F design


Price tag may be too expensive for some.

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One cute looking table clock that will surely bring a smile to the owners face while it sits on his/her table/desk.

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If you got goosebumps from the MB&F Arachnophobia table clock shaped like a giant spider, the latest table clock from MB&F can be described as a friendly and welcoming companion to your table or desk.  We take a closer look at the MB&F Sherman Table clock.

Max Busser, the founder of MB&F has described the Sherman table clock as the little brother of his previous robot table clock creation Melchior.  We can see Melchior as the protective older sibling of his smaller little brother.  On the first glance you notice the table clock has tank like tracks for its base.  This isn’t a coincidence since the clock gets its name from a military tank.  The US made Sherman tank was used in World War II and was named after the American Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.

MB&F sherman-pen

The cool looking MB&F Sherman Table Clock gilded Limited Edition

The “Sherman” table clock definitely brings a smile to your face, as it looks very cheerful.  The time is displayed in the middle of Sherman’s torso.  Unlike his bigger brother Melchior, Sherman doesn’t have have any “weapons” for arms.  Instead he has two bendable arms with open clamps at the end.  As you can see from the photo above, they can be used to hold a pen for example. Sherman’s eyes are actually bolt heads that help to support the regulator of the movement.  Sherman’s head is made from blown transparent mineral glass which allows the owner to view the “brain” of the robot which is the regulator consisting of the balance and escapement with Incabloc shock protection.  It allows the owner to see that little Sherman is constantly thinking.

MB&F sherman-brain

The regulator of the 8 day manually wound movement is housed in the head of the MB&F Sherman.

Like the previous table clocks, MB&F has designed them and they have been produced by L’Epée, the master Swiss clock makers.   The body of Sherman houses the bulk of the clocks mechanics such as the gearing and mainspring. Just like a wristwatch, Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sandblasting, and circular and vertical satin finishing have been applied to make little Sherman look very sharp.

MB&F -sherman-white

The palladium Limited Edition MB&F Sherman Table clock

The movement has a power reserve of 8 days and the setting of the time and winding of the clock is done at the back.  That means you have a bit of time between winds, but it gives you an excuse to interact with the cool little guy.  The MB&F Sherman weighs 0.9 kilograms making him quite light.    Those tank tracks are fully functional so if you feel like pushing him around the table/desk for fun you can go right ahead!

MB&F sherman-back

Both the setting of the time and winding of the clock are done at the back of the MB&F Sherman. Pictured is the Palladium Limited Edition

Credit has to go to Mr Busser for designing the clock from childhood memories and getting this robot clock to tug at the heart strings. L’Epée also deserves credit for bringing the design to life!

We quite like both the palladium and gilded pieces and would settle for either one sitting on our desks.  Kudos MB&F and L’Epée!

Sherman is a limited editions of 200 palladium (plated) pieces & 200 gilded pieces (goldplated).  They will retail for CHF 13,800.   For those who would like a Sherman with diamonds, there are 50 diamond-set gilded pieces with 735 high quality VVS diamonds which will retail for CHF 33,000.

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