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with apologies to Mussorgsky

On the occassion of Lange bringing the entire Pour le Merite collection to Singapore and doing an exhibition of the watches at L’Atelier by The Hour Glass at ION Orchard, I also launched my book…as most of you regular readers would know by now. I also took the opportunity to do an installation exhibition…my first solo exhibition! of 7 prints taken from the book. These are done A1 sized, and printed with the new Canon ipf8300 12 colour printer. I am quite amazed by the print capability of this large format printer, especially conparing to the colour proofs I got from the printers who were using the Epson 4900 printer.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of the exhibition, with my prints as installations within the exhibition. As the exhibition is within the shop, which is carrying out regular trading during the exhibition hours, I think the installation of the prints as part of the decor works.

Many of the visitors are highly appreciative of the large, detailed prints, especially the owners of the timepieces remarked that it is much easier to view and appreciate the workmanship, beauty of the watches by looking and examining the large prints than peering through a loupe. Most of the prints, especially the movement views are printed at a higher than 5 magnification (the magnification of most loupes), so that helps too…as well as being able to see all the movement as compared to a tiny section viewable on the loupe.

The prints are done as a very small edition size of only 10 prints in A1. Please do contact me if you would like a copy of any of the prints exhibited, or any other photograph in the book.


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